Yuma AZ Marine stops robbery in viral video, leaves internet in absolute awe 

Former marine leaves internet in awe after unarming a robber (Image via Yuma County Sherriff's Office)
Former marine leaves internet in awe after unarming a robber (Image via Yuma County Sherriff's Office)
Karishma Rao

A video of a US Marine Corps unarming a would-be robber is going viral on the internet. The incident, which took place at around 4:30 am on October 20 has left the internet in awe of the veteran.

Three masked robbers entered a gas station in Yuma, Arizona, in the early hours of the morning. One of them attempted to point their gun at the cashier, initiating a robbery, but the Marine grabbed the gun and tackled the potential robber.

ZERO FEAR: When this Yuma, AZ veteran saw some criminals pop in guns high -- he didn't wait for things to potentially go south.“The Marine Corp taught me not to [mess] around,” he later said.'The few, the proud' for a reason. More on the story on @ABC15 at 10.

The dramatic incident was caught in surveillance footage which showcased the US Marine Corps pinning down the robber until the police arrived. Two other robbers had fled the gas station at the time.

The Yuma County Sherriff’s Office released a press release stating that police deputies had responded to the attack, which took place at the Chevron gas station on Wednesday.

Internet left astonished by Marine tackling a robber at gas station

The Yuma County Sherriff’s Office confirmed to USA Today that the Marine Corps that successfully unarmed the robber was a customer named James Kilcer. When police officials asked the veteran “how he was able to take control of the situation,” he said:

“The Marine Corps taught me not to [mess] around.”

Reacting to the viral video, which has flooded the internet, netizens applauded Kilcer by saying:

@FOX10Phoenix @clif_high Very brave guy, extremely dangerous situation, if other guys were armed (I couldn’t see), they could have started shooting.
@FOX10Phoenix I think that's the best video I have ever seen.
@FOX10Phoenix Stellar Marine right there Stellar.
@FOX10Phoenix Now that’s bravery. Thank goodness he was there and he engaged
@FOX10Phoenix @clif_high Now you know what "Once a marine, always a marine" means. Taking care of a threat right fing now! Could this be why current administration wants to kill all military/vets with the inoculation?
@newsmax Wow, he didn’t even flinch at the sight of the gun. That was so brave! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Being strong and courageous that’s all 👍🏻
@newsmax I could sit and watch this all night even after having watched it about 25 times already.
@newsmax The most dangerous weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle.

Some additional comments read:

“I love how the second guy runs out so quickly. They know they pulled a gun on the wrong person.”
“That’s the best damn thing I’ve seen all year; we still have heroes.”

Another comment read:

“Thank you for your service...then and now and in the future also...”

One of the suspects who has been detained at the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center is a juvenile. Police officials are still hunting for the other two suspects who attempted the robbery. They have not released the names of the robbers as of now.

No injuries took place during the attempted robbery.

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