"BJJ is absolutely useless outside of the cage" - When Andrew Tate names the only form of combat sport that helps in a street fight

Andrew Tate. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Andrew Tate (Image via Sportskeeda)

Andrew Tate may be one of the most disliked people on the internet due to his controversial opinions on several topics, including women. That said, the former kickboxer certainly knows a thing or two about fighting.

In a clip from one of his interviews with Fresh & Fit, Tate named the only form of combat sport that comes in handy in street fighting. Not Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, nor even his bread and butter kickboxing. Tate stated that jiu-jitsu is 'absolutely useless' in streetfighting:

"BJJ is absolutely useless outside of the cage or your dojo. It's useless on the street. It's useless, you can't do a double-leg takedown on concrete, you're gonna f**k yourself up. Even if you do take him down, many submissions don't work if he can bite or if he can scratch your eyes or if he can pull a knife. Thirdly, you don't know if he has friends, you take him to the ground and put him in an armbar, his friends are gonna f**king football kick you in the head or curb stomp you and you're gonna die."

Andrew Tate went on to say that the number one rule in streetfighting is to stay on your feet, thus BJJ techniques aren't ideal. The internet personality then claimed that Krav Maga also isn't a good option for streetfighting as hand-to-hand techniques can be easily negated if your opponent has a weapon.

He also thumbed down kickboxing as a viable option for streetfights as kicking will let you lose balance. For Tate, the only combat sport one should know to survive street fighting is boxing:

"So if you wanna learn to fight, you box. If you can throw a good 1-2, bam! bam! If you can box enough,that's all you should need in your life. And after you hit him, get out of there before he either gets up or someone else in the crowd you don't see sucker punches you or cops roll up."

Who is Andrew Tate, and what does he know about fighting?

Andrew Tate is a retired kickboxer and is now a social media influencer. Following his storied kickboxing career, he made a move to influencer marketing–but his online presence has been controversial.

Tate has made very borderline statements on topics such as sexual assault and has been seen by critics as misogynistic. This prompted major social media sites to ban him from using their platforms.

Andrew Tate made a name for himself in MMA circles, bagging multiple ISKA and International Sports Karate Association trophies. He has competed in both heavyweight and lightweight championships and claims to have only lost nine matches over his career.

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