"You are like a n**** Escobar"- DJ Whoo Kid compares Mike Tyson to drug lord Pablo Escobar

[L-R] Mike Tyson, DJ Whoo Kid and Pablo Escobar
[L-R] Mike Tyson, DJ Whoo Kid and Pablo Escobar

DJ Whoo Kid has compared Mike Tyson to Narco thug Pablo Escobar.

On a recent episode of the Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson podast, DJ Whoo Kid came in as a guest. The 49-year-old had a look at a bag full of weed belonging to Tyson's cannabis company, Tyson 2.0. Upon seeing the bag, the DJ was left astounded and compared the former Heavyweight Champion to the late drug baron Pablo Escobar:

"Oh my gosh, this is the best yo. You're like a n**** Escobar now like, I don't know like, this is crazy. You gotta have a plane on top of the building next time I come here? I think it's crazy that he's [Tyson] been through so much, he's done, I think you're the first like, I guess sports star that was seen worldwide but now you're like selling weed."

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Mike Tyson's cannabis company, Tyson 2.0 was launched in October 2021 and has become a huge success. The multimillion-dollar cannabis company sells a wide range of products, including his personal favorites like flowers, edibles, beverages, pre-rolls and more.

Mike Tyson says he'd fight Jake Paul for $1 billion

Ever since Tyson's last bout against Roy Jones Jr., there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the return of 'Iron Mike'. While there were many potential opponents for a potential fight with the former heavyweight champion, his friend Jake Paul emerged as the front runner.

It is worth noting that Tyson is very unlikely to fight ever again. However, he jokingly put up his demands to fight 'The Problem Child'. During a recent episode of his podcast, 'Iron Mike' suggested that he'd be willing to fight Jake Paul for a "billion bucks":

"A billion bucks. We got to get some more [money] man. S***, blue-eyed, blonde hair... that s*** is very expensive. We need to get some more money, man."

Watch the full episode of the Hotboxin' podcast below:


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