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Every boxing fan has definitely heard of Mike Tyson. Debuting as a boxer at the age of 18, he successfully won his first fight in a first round knockout. The youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, Tyson is widely considered as one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet. And thanks to the internet, he’s also become a bit of a meme.

Iron Mike has done his fair share of crazy things over the years, like biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear. He once offered a police officer his Rolls Royce to get out of being arrested. He’s switched careers from being a boxer to being a marijuana farmer. Needless to say, Mike Tyson and crazy go hand in hand, And the internet world has seen all of it. He is also known for his prominent lisp, and often has difficulty with pronouncing the letter s.

The combination of fame, a lisp and crazy has given the internet no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating Mike Tyson comedy content. With literally hundreds of memes about him, most centred around word play with his lisp, these are the top 25 mike Tyson memes of all time:

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are to be taken in a lighter vein. It is not the intent of the website to disrespect Mike Tyson or his formidable achievements in the sport of boxing.

1. In one word,

Credit: memesmonkey

2. Dentith Mike

Credit: dailymoss

3. Sadneth.exe

Credit: 50_best.com

4. Mike THMASH

Credit: 50_best.com

5. Be thafe kids!

Credit: imgflip

6. Ah romance

Credit: dailymoss

7. When your homie gets to choose the music

Credit: pinterest

8. F E A R

Credit: pinterest

9. Mathter Tyson

Credit: all_funny.info

10. It’s the Legend himself

Credit: imgur

11. God bleth you

Credit: memesguru.com

12. egg

Credit: tumgir.com

13. Disney prince(ess)?

Credit: 9gag

14. Mike D.O.G.G

Credit: ebaumsworld.com
15. What are you doing, step-Mike Tyson?Credit: memepi.com

16. Too soon...

Credit: me.me

17. Time to meth up bois

Credit: pinterest, nytimes.com

18. Good inthenthions

Credit: pinterest

19. The internet got NO chill

Credit: imgflip.com

20. This one is a classic

Credit: scorum.com

21. Well this was a lie

Credit: imgflip.com

22. Hottest new movies of 2021

Credit: reddit

23. Hydration is important

Credit: memesmonkey.com

24. When you ask your parents when dinner will be ready

Credit: memegenerator.net

25. And last but not least, Mr Thea

Credit: uber humor

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