Mike Tyson Net Worth

NameMike Tyson
Mike Tyson's Net Worth (2022)Approx $10 Million
Age (2022)55 years (born 30th June 1966)
Residence Henderson, Nevada
Marital Status Married
WifeLakiha Spicer
Sources of WealthFormer Pro Boxer, Acting, Ranch, and Podcasting
Salary Retired
Recent Endorsements Smart Cups, Parimatch, Manscaped, and CopperGel
PhilanthropyLaureus Sport for Good foundation
Last Updated2022

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  1. What is Mike Tyson's Net Worth in 2022?
  2. Mike Tyson's Career Earnings.
  3. Mike Tyson Endorsements.
  4. Mike Tyson’s House
  5. Mike Tyson’s Investments
  6. How Mike Tyson Lost so much money.
  7. What does Mike Tyson Spend money on
  8. FAQs on Mike Tyson's Net Worth.

Mike Tyson who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990, is often considered the best heavyweight boxer of all time.

‘Iron Mike’ always made headlines, whether it was for his Boxing accolades or his much-discussed lifestyle. Tyson’s in-ring career brought him into popular culture, starring in movies like Hangover, IP Man, Rocky Balboa, and guest appearing in TV shows like How I met your mother, The Last O.G., Webster, and many others.

Tyson made his boxing comeback in an Eight-round split draw vs Roy Jones Jr and you can regularly follow him on his new podcast - "Hotboxin with Mike Tyson"’

What is Mike Tyson's Net Worth in 2022?

According to, Mike Tyson’s net worth is $10 million as of 2022.

For someone who’s had such an illustrious career as Tyson’s had, money shouldn’t be a problem.

Mike Tyson's Net Worth

However, he lost most of that money due to lawsuits and being a lucrative spender, which included buying expensive mansions, cars and we all know the story of the big cats he owned. In 2003, Tyson filed for bankruptcy, as it was reported he was $23 million in debt.

Podcasting and his recent bout with Roy Jones Jr. have contributed to the recent hike in his net worth.

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Mike Tyson's Career Earnings

Even after being deceived of millions of dollars from his personal fortune, Tyson earned around $375 Million through fight purses.

Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

Below are his top 10 fight purses:

SR.No.FightsPurse Year
10Danny Williams$27 Million2004
9Donovan Ruddock $30 Million1991
8Peter McNeeley$30 million1995
7Evander Holyfield $30 Million1996
6Evander Holyfield$30 million1997
5Kevin McBride $30 million2005
4Julius Francis $30 million2000
3Frank Bruno $35 million1996
2Bruce Sheldon$35 million1996
1Lennox Lewis $35 Million2002

He earned around $3.5 million for his guest appearance on WWE Wrestlemania XIV. In his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr., it is believed that Tyson earned a whopping $10 million purse.

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Mike Tyson Endorsements

In 1986, when Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history, he got endorsement deals from substantial brands like Pepsi, Nintendo, Eastman Kodak, EA Sports just to name a few. However, when it came out that Tyson was hitting his then-wife Robin Givens, naturally brands began to distance themselves away from him.

Tyson cleared his public image by appearing in various movies and TV shows, which earned him new endorsements. Some of his recent deals include Smart Cups, Parimatch, Manscaped, and CopperGel.

Mike Tyson’s House

Mike Tyson's House

Credit: Luxury Homes of Las Vegas

Tyson currently resides in Henderson, Nevada. As reported by The Sun, Tyson bought the 8,148 square-foot mansion in 2016 for £2.5 million.

For those of you wondering, no, it’s not the house that they showed in the Hangover movie. The house that they used in the movie is the famous ‘Seven Hills Mansion’ in Las Vegas. Tyson listed that house in 2016 for 1.5m dollars.


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Mike Tyson’s Investments

Apart from small business ventures, Tyson had his eyes set on legal cannabis. Hence, in 2017 he founded the ‘Tyson Ranch’ which approximately sells over £500,000 worth of Medical Marijuana per month.

He hosts his popular podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” near the ranch.

Some of the Most Popular Mike Tyson Quotes

How Mike Tyson Lost so much money

Tyson admitted that coming from the streets, he never knew how to manage his money. He was seen as a careless spender. He frequently bought expensive houses, cars and big wild animals. He was also exploited of millions by his promoter Don King. Tyson later sued King for 100 million dollars.

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He lost all his endorsement deals as in 1992, Tyson was convicted of rape and sentenced to 6 years, but was released on parole after serving half the term.

Due to all this, once the heavyweight king of the world, filed for bankruptcy in 2003 as it was reported he was $23 million in debt.

In an interview with, Graham Bensinger, Tyson was asked about his spending habits and he had this to say-

"That’s just how I lived my life. That’s my addictive personality, that’s a lot of things, that’s my ego, that’s so many other things,"
"From me being poor and never having anything, from me being bitter, angry from being in prison. It stems from a lot of things."

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What does Mike Tyson Spend money on

As mentioned above Tyson was a heavy spender. He bought cars like 1997 Bentley Continental T, for 500,000 dollars, Jaguar XJ220 for a reported 470,000 dollars and a Bentley Azure which cost him a whopping 1.5m dollars.

The famous pet tigers that he owned reportedly cost him around $60,000 per tiger. Tyson also spent nearly $400,000 for the maintenance of his beloved pigeons and tigers.


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FAQs on Mike Tyson's Net Worth

Q. Who is the richest boxer in the world?

Floyd Mayweather with a net worth of $560 million is currently the richest boxer in the world.

Q. What was Mike Tyson’s highest net worth?

At his peak, Mike Tyson’s net worth was around $300 million.

Q. How did Mike lose his money?

Mike Tyson was one of the highest-paid athletes of all time but spent so lavishly he filed for bankruptcy to repay millions in debt in 2003.

*Last Updated: 8th April 2022

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