Floyd Mayweather reveals how much he was paid to attend the press conference for Mikuru Asakura

Floyd Mayweather (left, @floydmayweather), Mikuru Asakura (right, @mikuruasakura) [Images courtesy of Instagram]
Floyd Mayweather (left, @floydmayweather), Mikuru Asakura (right, @mikuruasakura) [Images courtesy of Instagram]
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In a quick interview with EsNews after the press conference for Floyd Mayweather's September exhibition bout against Mikuru Asakura, 'Money' revealed how much he was paid to attend the conference.

He grinned at the camera and asked:

"I'm coming to you live. You want to know how much money I got for coming here? 1.5."

At the press conference with Asakura, the CEO of Rizin, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, expressed his excitement to work with Floyd Mayweather. He explained that prior to the pandemic, Mayweather was supposed to fight in Japan with an organization called Mega. Now, Rizin has taken the opportunity to have his next fight be with them.

This will be his second match with Rizin and Sakakibara looks forward to making more fights with Mayweather and his team:

"I am very excited to work with Floyd Mayweather in the future, not only this one fight but in a bigger picture in the future to create more exciting content in our platform."

Asakura posted this fight poster to his Instagram:

Watch the clip here:


Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura planned for September

While a date is yet to be set for the match between Floyd Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura, the bout is scheduled to take place in September 2022. When asked about his thoughts on this fight, the Japanese fighter detailed his expectations for the match:

"I am an MMA fighter, but I am going to use this opportunity and I'm going to use him to raise my name and value internationally. I will win this fight."

His strong conviction did not rattle Mayweather at all, who explained that he continues taking exhibition matches because they kept him in shape while requiring him to take little damage:

"By me doing exhibitions, it's keeping my body in shape. I'm able to to work out, and it's very important. Even with me doing these exhibitions, I'm still not taking any punishment."

He stated that another reason for him taking on these matches had to do with people's interest in seeing him fight. He believes the public still wants to see him fight, though not at the highest level anymore. These matches offer him a way to give them what they want, while requiring less effort on the retired boxer's part.

Watch the press conference here:


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