Floyd Mayweather called Will Smith for 10 days straight after infamous Oscar incident involving Chris Rock

Floyd Mayweather (L), and Will Smith (R).
Floyd Mayweather (left) and Will Smith (right)

While many turned against Will Smith, Floyd Mayweather wasn't one of them.

In March this year, the actor won an Academy Award for his role in the hit film 'King Richard'. While the moment would've been something that cemented Smith's career as an all-time great, it was instead overshadowed.

Granted, it was overshadowed by something the actor himself caused. After the host of the Academy Awards, Chris Rock, made a joke about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, the Best Actor-award winner walked on stage. He then slapped the comedian, before storming off. Once he sat down, he continued to berate Rock.

The moment is one of the most viewed in television history, and Will Smith received a lot of backlash as a result. Following the incident, he was banned from the award ceremony for a decade. Smith also resigned from the Academy.

The actor would later reveal that he was mentally in a dark place at the time, but there was someone who was there for him. That person was Floyd Mayweather, as Will Smith recalled in a video from TMZ Sports.

He revealed that the two weren't close at the time, but 'Money' kept checking on him after the incident:

"And, the day after the Oscars, for 10 days he called me every day. And, he was like, 'Ay, you know you the champ, right? You good? You know you the champ, right? I want you to hear my voice say it.' That was every day he called me... and it's like, that's my dude forever right there."
Will Smith says Floyd Mayweather called him for 10 days straight after the #Oscars slap to check on him, in this video from a private screening of his new film “Emancipation”🔗:…

Is Floyd Mayweather retired from boxing?

Floyd Mayweather has retired from professional boxing, but he still likes money.

The former boxing champion retired from the sport following a 2017 knockout win over Conor McGregor. However, 'Money' still enjoys competing in the ring.

Over the last five years, Mayweather has competed in several exhibition matchups. Exhibitions more closely resemble sparring sessions than straight-up fights. Unless the fight ends in a knockout, it will be deemed a No-Result, as there are no judges.

As of now, Floyd Mayweather has competed in five exhibitions, holding a record of 3-0 (2 No-Results), with his most recent bout being a knockout win over Deji Olatunji. Since then, the 45-year-old has stated that he intends to continue competing, but doesn't have a return date or opponent set as of now.

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