Hasim Rahman Jr.'s former opponent claims he would fight Jake Paul for a quarter of the price

Jake Paul v Hasim Rahman Jr - Press Conference
Jake Paul v Hasim Rahman Jr - Press Conference

James McKenzie Morrison has claimed that he would be willing to fight Jake Paul for a quarter of the purse that Hasim Rahman Jr. is receiving. Morrison stated that he has been chasing a bout with 'The Problem Child' for a couple of years and wants to end Paul's boxing career.

Paul is scheduled to face Rahman Jr. on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York. 'Gold Blooded' suffered the first professional loss of his career against Morrison back in April.

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Here's what Morrison said in a recent interview with Fight Hype:

"This is a fight that I've been after for like two years...It's just crazy because I feel like I would almost do that fight for half the price. If not, a quarter of the price. Just to kind of end the whole charade..."

He added:

"It's unreal that a 6-0 fighter is generating so much money when there's really good fighters out there that have the exact same record that are struggling to get sponsorships."

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Since his professional debut in 2020, Jake Paul has generated astronomical interest in his boxing fights. It has been reported that 'The Problem Child' took away a minimum of $2 million from his last bout against Tyron Woodley.

Morrison is angry that Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. is taking place

Morrison continued by expressing his distaste that Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman are fighting for huge amounts of money. The son of the legendary James Morrison believes something needs to be done about the corruption in boxing.

"I don't see enough videos where fighters are exposing the politics of some of the stuff that's going on. I think it's unfair that fighters that are good, that have all this talent, fall behind due to decisions made by powers that be...I feel like I need to step out and communicate because no one else will...There's a lot of fighters that have fell victim to things like this."

With a record of 20 wins, no losses and two draws, Morrison is yet to set the world alight as a heavyweight. Regardless, 'Kenzie' defeated Rahman Jr. and there are some who believe he is more deserving of a bout with Paul.

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