Jake Paul issues scripted accident ahead of facing Hasim Rahman Jr. - "I broke my back" 

Jake Paul (@jakepaul), Hasim Rahman Jr. (@hasimrahmanjr) [images courtesy of Instagram]
Jake Paul (@jakepaul), Hasim Rahman Jr. (@hasimrahmanjr) [images courtesy of Instagram]

Jake Paul posted a new video on his Instagram of him in a hospital bed with monitors beeping around him and an oxygen strip stuck in his nose.

At first glance, it seems to be a real set-up and might have even caused some worry for fans. Paul even played up the dramatics by sounding sick when his friend approached and let him know he was filming so Paul could address his audience.

'The Problem Child' stated:

"So guys I'm in the hospital, I had an accident. I'm still gonna be able to fight on August 6th, so get your tickets at before they sell out. But I broke my back carrying the promotion for this event."

He then calls out for a 'nurse', complaining of back pain.

"I broke my back carrying the last five fight promotions. My opponents never sell sh*t! These motherf*ckers never sell sh*t! They couldn't sell a pen to a writer."

These antics from Jake Paul are nothing new, and while effective at gaining more attention for his fights, they also do a great job of irritating his opponent and getting under their skin. This tactic seems to be a Paul brothers specialty.

See the Instagram post here:

Jake Paul and Dana White's feud contines

Recently, 'The Problem Child' and the president of the UFC, Dana White, have been going back and forth over social media.

White recently made a statement regarding Paul's next fight on August 6th against Hasim Rahman Jr. He stated:

"Is this still a thing? He's [Paul] a pay-per-view turd."

He then added that while he wouldn't say never to the possibility of Paul making a UFC debut, it was far from anything White was even mildly interested in.

Paul hit a soft spot when he criticized Dana White for fighter pay and even made a diss track about the president, which he posted to YouTube. Another Bellator and UFC star, Cris Cyborg, even made an appearance in the video.

The track revolves around the pay of MMA fighters in the UFC and accuses White of many things, including the use of cocaine. He also took a shot at Jorge Masvidal, whom Paul offered to fight.

Watch Jake Paul's distrack here:


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