KSI thinks he can beat Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather (left) and KSI (right).
Floyd Mayweather (left) and KSI (right).

KSI has boldly claimed that he could beat Floyd Mayweather if they were to meet in a boxing ring.

KSI made the statement in his latest YouTube video reacting to his brother Deji's loss to the boxing Hall of Famer. The Youtuber-turned-boxer said:

“It’s infuriating to see Deji losing to someone I know he could beat. I know a lot of you are gonna be like, ‘There’s no way Deji could beat Mayweather,’ but I feel like I could beat Mayweather. He just needs to get the mindset right, I just know he didn’t put 110% into the training, into the discipline, into his mindset. I know he didn’t put 110% into that fight."

The older Olatunji also pointed out that his brother was able to give the 50-0 legend a bruise despite not being in tip-top shape:

“He f***ing gave Floyd Mayweather a f***ing bruise on his eye. Do you know how crazy that is? Deji wasn’t at his top level and he was able to bruise Mayweather. So imagine if Deji really dedicated his life to training and took it seriously. I think he would be a monster who would destroy everyone, including me."

Watch KSI's full video:


'Money' returned to the ring last Sunday for yet another exhibition contest. As expected, the former champion dominated the then 1-0 pro fighter. In the sixth round, the fight came to a close with a TKO after Mayweather landed a big combination.

Since retiring following a 2017 knockout win over Conor McGregor, Mayweather has figured in a number of exhibition bouts against YouTuber Logan Paul, kickboxers, and MMA fighters.

KSI hilariously shoots down Tyron Woodley's call-out

KSI has been on the receiving end of call-outs from Tyron Woodley.

The former UFC welterweight champion recently took to Twitter to get the attention of the British fighter. In a recent tweet, he claimed that the YouTube rapper-turned-boxer is backing out of a fight after past negotiations. He even presented an alleged contract for their fight that would have required Woodley to limit rehydration between weigh-ins and fight night.

Warned this [email protected] Why would u offer me a fight vs you then bail? Why would u send me a contract to bitch out and take a lesser opponent? Why would u have my name in your mouth for two years and not step up?Why do a poll of 1million people, that all said fight me, & you run.

But JJ Olatunji hilariously shut down Woodley's call-out. In a reply to Woodley's tweet, he wrote:

"You haven’t won a fight since 2018 brother. When you finally get a win, then I’ll fight you. Deal?"
You haven’t won a fight since 2018 brother 😂😂When you finally get a win, then I’ll fight you.Deal? @TWooodley

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