Tyron Woodley discusses potential boxing bout against KSI

KSI (left), Tyron Woodley (right)
KSI (left), Tyron Woodley (right)

Tyron Woodley is ready to step back into the ring and has urged famous British YouTube star-turned-boxer KSI to "live up" to his talk.

Olajide Olatunji has been a popular figure online for over a decade and has amassed almost ten billion views across two channels on YouTube. He is currently the biggest English influencer on the video streaming site and continues to grow his audience by branching out into different career paths.

During a recent interview, Tyron Woodley revealed that he might be in talks with KSI for a clash inside the squared circle and insisted that he's "gonna box" the internet sensation:

"I'm gonna box KSI... He did a whole poll and everybody said they wanna see me fight him, so that's ya'll job to put the pressure on them. They gotta live up to what they're saying they're gonna do... I just talked to KSI in his face, I don't do Twitter fingers... I don't know that I can even say that [a contract has been sent over]."

'JJ' has had an ongoing feud with Jake Paul, and it looks like the two will sign on the dotted line and sometime clash during their careers in the sport.

Check out what Tyron Woodley had to say about a possible fight against KSI in the video below:


What's next for Tyron Woodley?

Walking around as a free man following his contract expiration with the UFC last year, Tyron Woodley is welcome to jump into any business opportunity that comes his way, but he seems keen on returning to combat sports.

Back-to-back losses to Jake Paul have damaged his reputation in boxing. But a number of possibilities still present themselves to the former UFC welterweight champion.

Like the previously mentioned KSI, Woodley finds himself intertwined in the 'Influencer Boxing Scene'. His name is being mentioned alongside a handful of social media celebrities.

Another possibility for 'The Chosen One' is a return to MMA, where he would likely be a welcome addition to the Bellator roster or as a member of the PFL million-dollar tournament.

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