"A wild f****ng time"- Mike Majlak recalls how Logan Paul vs. KSI fight affected his personal life 

Mike Majlak (left), Logan Paul (center), and KSI (right) [Left image via @heybigmike on Instagram]
Mike Majlak (left), Logan Paul (center), and KSI (right) [Left image via @heybigmike on Instagram]

Logan Paul's best friend and Imapaulsive co-host Mike Majlak spoke about the effect Paul vs. KSI had on his career as a small YouTuber. At the time, Majlak was just transitioning from working for LoveSac to becoming a YouTuber and had a few thousand subscribers on YouTube and Twitter. With little recognition at the time, people thought he was just one of 'The Maverick's' yes men.

In the latest Imapaulsive podcast starring Miniminter, Tobi, and Behzinga, he spoke about what it was like 'beefing' with the largest YouTube group in the UK:

"Dude like every time I would like try to infuse myself into the situation, I would just get rolled on. By the army of like, Harry would own me on Twitter, you guys would be like, 'yo this f***ing loudmouth moron, yes man' like constantly. But that was a wild f***ing time and like I said earlier, everytime we would see each other, it was tense."

Miniminter, whose real name is Simon Minter, chimed in, saying they didn't know why they hated Majlak and even questioned themselves as to why they were trash-talking the American. Tobi and Behzinga chimed in, saying they did it because they didn't know him at the time. Logan Paul just sat amused as he heard his best friend’s side of the story.

KSI and Paul have long buried the hatchet, even co-founding a beverage company together called PRIME Hydration.

Watch the episode below:


Logan Paul reveals Sidemen Tinder video to be shot in July in Los Angeles

Logan Paul has revealed thata Sidemen Tinder video will be shot in Los Angeles in July. Ethan Payne, Simon Minter, and Tobi Brown, members of Sidemen, were the latest guests on the Impaulsive podcast. While on the podcast, they spoke about the upcoming collaboration, and 'The Maverick' decided to reveal what it was to his fans:

"I'll say it, I'll say it. It's a Sidemen Tinder, and we've employed Mike (Majlak) to find out the talent, the Instagram famous talent. So if you are Instagram famous and you want to be in the Tinder video..."

Tobi Brown and 'Behzinga' went on to say that the girls who feature in the videos will ' blow up' on Instagram and OnlyFans. Logan Paul will be one of the participants in this Sidemen Tinder video.

@joinsideplus @joinsideplus them tinder videos were my intro to the sidemen...but this one eliteeeee

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