"He shows the money, he shows the girls" - When Chris Eubank Sr. blamed Floyd Mayweather for his son's 'flashy' lifestyle

Chris Eubank Sr. with his son (left) and Floyd Mayweather (right)
Chris Eubank Sr. with his son (left) and Floyd Mayweather (right)

Chris Eubank Sr. is not a big fan of the flashy lifestyle of his son, Chris Eubank Jr., and interestingly, he has blamed Floyd Mayweather for it.

The father-son duo have had a turbulent past few months since Chris Eubank Jr. decided to sign a fight against Conor Benn against his will. Thankfully for Eubank Sr., the fight was later canceled after Benn failed a drug test.

Following the cancelation of his son's scheduled bout against Benn, Eubank Sr. sat down for an interview with Spencer Fearon and spoke about how the flashy lifestyle of 'Next Gen' is not that of a proper fighter:

"It's by the by now and look here now, you see, you've got people that you aspire to be like, he picked Floyd Mayweather Jr because he shows the bling, he shows the planes, he shows the money, he shows the girls, the clubs. I admire the man, he is a brilliant and fabulous fighter."

Further suggesting that the world is looking at Chris Eubank Jr. as a "greedly little pig" thanks to Floyd Mayweather, Eubank Sr. added:

"You're teaching my boy to be a bling bling kid, he's looking up to you Mr Mayweather. No, and that's why he didn't listen. Now, the world is looking at him as though he's a greedy little pig and I tried to keep him away from that. When I look at a fighter I look at the spirit in the man."

Watch the full interview below:


Who will Chris Eubank Jr. fight next?

As mentioned earlier, the scheduled fight between 'Next Gen' and Conor Benn was canceled because the latter failed a drug test. While this remains one of the biggest fights to make in boxing thanks to their history, it is unlikely that we will see Benn fight anytime soon.

It has now been revealed that Chris Eubank Jr. might lace up the gloves to take on Liam Smith. As per Eubank Jr.'s promoter, Ben Shalom, the fight was initially being targeted for December 17th, however, they will now look to book the fight for early 2023. Shalom said (h/t BoxingScene):

"I was hoping we'd get it in this year, but obviously we're looking at 5-6 weeks from December 17 now. It's probably going to be slightly later now, but it's one that will happen and it's one that fans can look forward to."
‼️ Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith is now agreed and will take place in early 2023, BOXXER's Ben Shalom has declared. [@iDBoxingNews]

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