Who are KSI's next opponents - Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda

KSI vs. Swarms and Luis Alcaraz Pineda poster
KSI vs. Swarms and Luis Alcaraz Pineda poster

British YouTuber and rapper KSI is set to return to the boxing ring nearly three years after beating Logan Paul. He is scheduled to fight later this month, on August 27. Initially, 'JJ' was supposed to take on fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi, however, the fight was called off after Wassabi had to pull out of the bout.

Interestingly, Alex Wassabi's pull-out might have just made the event much more exciting. However, he was then replaced by British musical artist Swarmz. Interestingly, the two have worked together on a song before but have held personal beef which prevailed while filming the music video for it.

Shortly after Wassabi was replaced by Swarmz, it was announced that KSI will be fighting two guys on the same night. With that said, let's learn a bit more about his two opponents.

Swarmz is a 25 year old musician who has never entered a squared circle before. Interestingly, 'JJ' and him have worked together on a song before. However, the two never really got along and there has been a personal beef between the two ever since.

KSI's second opponent for the night is nothing like Swarmz, instead he is a pro-boxer. 'JJ' will take on 23 year old professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda. The Mexican has fought seven times in his career and has a record of 2-5. He made his pro-boxing debut in the 145lb division, however, and will fight the Brit in 175lbs.

It's safe to say that Pineda doesn't have the best of resumes. However, fighting two guys on the same night isn't an easy task regardless of the opposition. It will be interesting to see how the Brit performs on fight night.

Andrew Tate wants to fight KSI

Internet sensation Andrew Tate has talked about entering the boxing ring against 'JJ'. Interestingly, prior to this, there was speculation of a possible matchup against one of the Paul brothers as well. However, it is worth noting that Tate hasn't fought in years and is unlikely to return to the ring anytime soon.

During a recent live stream, the former kickboxer talked about how he was down to fight the Brit YouTuber. He said:

"If someone were to come along with the right amount of money, say 50 million, whatever. You think I'm going to say no I can't fight him? Why would I not fight KSI? Why would I not? I don't care.
"Why would I not punch him in the face for money? I I have nothing that is going to prevent me from fighting this man, I'll fight anybody. I've been fighting my whole life."
Edited by Arnav Kholkar