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10 of the Most Controversial Incidents in Pro Wrestling History

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"Kane" (in reality a masked Triple H) got a little too friendly with a mannequin in the eyes of many

In an entertainment genre that involves men without pants fighting for a belt, it might seem that there's nothing too outrageous, or taboo, or controversial. Anything goes as long as it is entertaining.

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However, there have been numerous instances during Pro Wrestling's long, illustrious history that have crossed the line of good taste. While offending sensibilities is, in effect, a heel wrestler's job, there are certain subjects that are simply off-limits in polite social circles.

Here are ten times pro wrestling caused controversy among their own fans.

1. Mark Henry's Gerontophilia


For those of you who don't know (or are too lazy to Google) Gerontophilia is characterized as an attraction to members of the opposite sex who are much older than oneself.

If you're thinking this sounds like a terrible idea for a wrestling gimmick, you'd be right. But the WWE did just that, and ran with it for far longer than anyone could have fathomed.

When Mark Henry made his debut, he was riding the high of his World's Strongest Man title, a title he legitimately earned in competition. However, it was the Attitude Era, and everything was being taken to the extreme. Creative decided that Henry should become "Sexual Chocolate" and basically harass the Divas and female members of the audience.

Things got even worse. After Henry gained weight, the WWE punished him by putting him in an angle where he was romantically involved with Mae Young, a woman fifty years his senior. Despite a tepid reaction from fans, the angle dragged on and on. Not only did it hurt Henry's credibility as a wrestler, it also led to another of wrestling's most controversial moments.

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