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10 Things ALL IN Wrestling owes its success to

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Z True Long Island Story

Once the Internet Champion, now nothing
Once the Internet Champion, now nothing

Speaking of wrestling life documentation and meta-comedy, one can't deny Zack Ryder's influence on the whole concept. In 2011, a frustrated and somewhat inspired Zack Ryder decided to take his career in his own hands. Underutilized he created a youtube show to get himself over. It worked for a moment, fans lapped up the genius work and WWE also supported it.

Or so it seemed, once the show got consumed into the WWE juggernaut things changed for Ryder. Either out of spite for getting over outside the system or failing to understand it, Zack Ryder found himself shoved unbearably down the pecking order. Cody Rhodes, then just about staying afloat was witness to Ryder's rise and fall in a company hellbent on control.

Since then Ryder has tried and failed to rise up the ranks, he hasn't escaped the WWE. Both as an inspiration and a warning sign for what the system can do to one mired in its complex network.

ALL IN is only possible because Cody decided after suffering the same to get out and change all of it with like-minded individuals. Now it's time for them to pass the deed forward and not go back to WWE, no matter the millions.

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