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10 Things ALL IN Wrestling owes its success to

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 17:47 IST

The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling

The ELITE, before the ELITE
The ELITE, before the ELITE

Long Island Iced Z might have made Youtube and a burgeoning social media, an option for wrestlers to get over outside the ring. But the kernel of the BTE and by default, ALL IN's inception has to have come from the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling.

This was a faction formed in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla between the Young Bucks, Kevin Owens (formerly Steen) and Adam Cole. Their backstage promos, filmed primarily by themselves lit the world on fire. In one of them, Kevin Steen, in fact, predicted that he would one day be the champion of the Universe!

While both Steen and Cole would go on to join WWE, the idea behind the Mount Rushmore was to ruffle feathers and make themselves a business of their own, proven by the savvy minds of the Bucks and the T-Shirts sold over the concept.

This initiation caught the idea of a lot of companies including the WWE. Eventually, though Young Bucks found themselves in another faction altogether, to birth the ELITE and push their business minds into a whole new direction; the ALL IN event!

Published 15 Sep 2018, 14:40 IST
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