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10 Things ALL IN Wrestling owes its success to

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Modified 15 Sep 2018
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ALL IN Wrestling is going to (if it hasn't already) bring a change to the face of not just independent but professional wrestling altogether. The ELITE holds in their hands a key to the kingdom of pro-wrestling or a golden ticket to the WWE. Hopefully, for the sake of fans and the business, they choose the former.

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A revolution comes about by individuals willing to rebuke the system and personal wealth for the greater good of the people. In the ELITE, wrestling has found its Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Yet the revolution doesn't build from isolation, there are multiple factors from within and without the system that gives it birth.

Even for all their efforts and success, the ELITE especially Cody and the Young Bucks cannot take credit for ALL IN's success. A multitude of factors came together on the very night the ELITE decided that they shall go through with this impossible-seeming event.

That's not even mentioning the wager placed between Dave Meltzer and Cody that pushed forward this ALL IN event. Either way here is ten things that ALL IN owes its success to beside the perseverance of the ELITE.

Being the ELITE

Wrestling's future is in their hands

Starting with the most obvious, Being the ELITE is the ELITE's youtube video show. It began as a way for the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to document their wrestling journey across the world. Since then it has grown into its own meta-infused series, imbibed with intriguing storyline details that wrestling companies can't capture on their own.

Sure technically the credit for this goes to the ELITE but had the content not been interesting or engaging as it is and vice versa with fans, then it wouldn't have worked. Thankfully the ELITE found a loyal fan base willing to give them a chance.


Fans needn't see the show to get a sense of storylines concerning the ELITE such as Adam Cole's exit or the Bullet Club civil war. Yet the detailing and addition of these elements give storylines intriguing heft and some great touch of comedy and drama.

Being the ELITE will remain for life and it's success (with a possible network/OTT platform buyout) trickles down to the ability for ALL IN to become a promotion handled by these business-savvy wrestlers.

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Published 15 Sep 2018, 14:40 IST
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