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10 WWE Ruthless Aggression Era stars no one remembers

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The RAE gave us John Cena and Batista. It also gave us (unfortunately) Heidenreich.

Once and future WWE wrestler Colin Delaney
Once and future WWE wrestler Colin Delaney

In the period following WWE's acquisition of WCW, a re-alignment took place for the company. The Attitude Era had ended, and now with an influx of new talent the company struggled as to what to do next.

Following the ill received Invasion angle, which fell flat because fans by and large knew that McMahon owned all three brands involved (ECW, WCW, and of course WWE) they began to look for a new direction.

Many of the new wrestlers on the roster were hungry for success. The attitude flowed through the entire company and soon everyone was more aggressive figuratively and literally. The WWE dubbed this new era the "Ruthless Aggression Era."

The RAE produced many major stars, some of whom are still on the WWE roster. John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and CM Punk are just a few of the names who went on to become world champions.

However, there are many Ruthless Aggression era stars who fans have by and large forgotten. This is partially due to the passage of time, but also due to the fact that many of the wrestlers did not resonate with fans, or performed poorly.

Here are ten Ruthless Aggression Era stars who almost no one remembers.

#1 Kenzo Suzuki

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A decade before WWE started bringing in an influx of Japanese talent like Hideo Itami and Shinsuke Nakamura, there was Kenzo Suzuki.


Originally he was going to play a WWII esque villain named Hirohito. However, Suzuki's wife--who spoke much better English than her husband--informed them that such a gimmick would be offensive to the Japanese people.

Instead he was brought out under his own name, and given a stereotypical garb and gimmick. Suzuki was far from a great technical wrestler, and was simply a bit dull given all of the competition for television time.

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