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4 Of The Most Devastating Moves In Professional Wrestling

Jordan Stynes
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CM Punk's Piledriver to John Cena in 2013
CM Punk's Piledriver to John Cena in 2013

The WWE has embraced a more PG approach to their programming in recent years. Being a publicly traded company, they felt pressure to tone down their over-the-top product, and make the in-ring action less violent. This led to many moves being banned, for example, Piledrivers.

However, some moves can look safe, but if they are not performed properly they can have devastating consequences. The Styles Clash is one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling, if it is not performed correctly. It requires the person taking the move to refrain from tucking their chin. This is hard because you are taught to always tuck your chin while taking a move to avoid your heading bouncing off the mat. Former WWE wrestler Yoshi Tatsu broke his neck because he didn't take the move correctly. So, just because a move looks harmless, it doesn't mean it is without it's risks.

Here are 4 of the most devastating moves in Professional Wrestling.

#4 Diving Headbutt

Daniel Bryan performing a Diving Headbutt
Daniel Bryan performing a Diving Headbutt

The Diving Headbutt is an interesting move, because it causes more harm to the person performing the move than the person on the receiving end. Why would you want to jump in the air and land on your head? Could you not just do a body splash or a elbow drop instead?

All jokes aside, this move can cause serious damage to the person performing it. The most famous example of this being Chris Benoit. Benoit was known for performing the Diving Headbutt, and suffered multiple concussions during his career. Daniel Bryan also performed the move and he missed out on two years of his career through head injuries.

It is a really dangerous move, and maybe it doesn't need to be used anymore.

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