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4 Possible "Tranquilo's" That Could Join Los Ingobernable de Japon!

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2.32K   //    05 Oct 2018, 15:14 IST

I'd sign up to become Tranquilo in a heartbeat
I'd sign up to become Tranquilo in a heartbeat

With a three-way IWGP title match set and Tanahashi defending his Wrestle Kingdom shot against Jay White, one would imagine the coming week's King of Pro Wrestling couldn't get any bigger. That's where you'd be wrong.

After the unfortunate injury to Hiromu Takahashi, LiJ are in need of major reinvention, especially with the upcoming Super Jr's tag league. As such the boss Tetsuya Naito has decided to add to the yearly swelling ranks of LiJ giving the faction a new leg up in New Japan.

There weren't many hints to who this might be though dirt-sheets give a fair indication. Meanwhile, a particular phrasing in Spanish might just have given away what New Japan and Naito are thinking for the factions newest member or should I say, members.

Either way one can only guess who's next to go Tranquilo and here are four such predictions.

#4 The Lucha Brothers

Tranquilo to its roots, sort of
Tranquilo to its roots, sort of

So let's just get the twist out-of-the-way, in his slick video, Naito mentions the word 'Pareja' when speaking of a new member for the team. In Spanish, 'Pareja' means a couple or pair. This, therefore, could indicate a wrestler brought to make a pair with Bushi for the Jr. Tag league or a tag team? Maybe even both!

Speculation rises over the situation between The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) and Lucha Underground. Even if they're contracts are up, the duo cannot head to WWE until the final episode airs of the latest season. The MLW promotion currently uses this as fuel to add to the fire, yet what if the involvement of the brothers in ALL IN is a way for New Japan to get the leg up on the WWE.

New Japan could just as easily lap up the duo with lucrative offers as well as the promise of not having their characters butchered by the Big 'E and also free rein around the world while also in Japan. Entry to the LiJ would be a sweet fit for them, especially with their Lucha roots.

Fenix could easily slot into the Jr.'s division alongside the masked Bushi, while Pentagon Jr. adding an intriguing Alpha dynamic to LiJ side by side with Tetsuya Naito. As long as they are Tranquilo, Pentagon can break as many arms as he wishes. Making them the perfect 'Pareja' for Los Ingobernables de Japon.

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