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4 Superstars who might leave WWE, and 4 who won't.

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13 Apr 2019, 17:37 IST

Rumour and speculation have it that several WWE superstars want to leave the company. Here are four wrestlers who might leave WWE, and four who probably won't.

Did Sasha Banks really want to quit the WWE? If she did, could AEW be a soft landing spot?
Did Sasha Banks really want to quit the WWE? If she did, could AEW be a soft landing spot?

When it comes to working for the WWE, there are many perks and many restrictions, as there is with any corporate entity.

A huge perk that the WWE offers any pro wrestlers lucky enough to snag a contract is the largest possible platform on which to ply their craft. Like as not, the WWE is the big leagues, the NFL and MLB of pro wrestling. While other promotions exist and even thrive, they can't boast the numbers of fans that WWE reaches each week with their programs Raw and Smackdown Live.

Another perk the WWE offers is a much higher pay scale. Not only do WWE superstars earn entertainer class wages, they also have a chance to make more money on merchandising.

But there are some realities about working for the WWE that do have to be addressed. For one, the success or failure of a superstar's career often rests on how much Vince McMahon wants to put stock in them.

This is totally fair because it's Vince's company, and he's been making wrestlers into mainstream celebrities for over thirty years. Still, without his tacit approval it's hard for a wrestler to make it past the mid card.

Of course, Vince McMahon, though he wields the ultimate say, is just one cog in the massive machine that is the WWE. The marketing department favorus younger wrestlers with a certain glamorous look, which leads to disasters like Eva Marie, and wild successes like John Cena.

So all seeds do not grow in all soils, and some wrestlers wish to depart WWE from time to time. Here are four that might be leaving the WWE, and four that aren't going anywhere.

Might be leaving the WWE #1: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is a man of many talents.
Dolph Ziggler is a man of many talents.

Year after year, when you hear wrestling fans and critics wax on about which wrestler is the most underrated, you hear Dolph Ziggler's name come up.

The former Spirit Squad member has enjoyed an excellent, highly successful WWE career from one point of view. He's held every title the company has to offer on Raw and Smackdown, including a brief stint as world champion. Unfortunately, his forays into the main event never last long, and he often seems to drift from one angle to the next with little direction.

Why he might be leaving the WWE: Dolph Ziggler is in a similar spot to what CM Punk was once in. Namely, he's a highly decorated superstar who keeps sliding back into the mid-card or lower. Reports of him being offered--and rejecting--a deal to be a backstage producer have come to light, and he's currently off doing a stand up comedy tour. As of right now, Ziggler claims he has a handshake deal with the WWE. These signs point to an end of Ziggler's WWE career.

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