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5 Dream matches in other promotions for Dean Ambrose

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The world is an oyster and it just got a whole lot crazier!
The world is an oyster and it just got a whole lot crazier!

The verdict might not yet be clear as crystal, but the general consensus is that Dean Ambrose is truly on his way out of the WWE. However, WWE's surprising acknowledgement of Ambrose's exit made some ears prick that it's all a work.

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Quite a few experts say that the turnaround of the Lunatic Fringe's character on TV is a clear indication that he has no passion or stakes left in the premier wrestling company.

By revealing that Ambrose is set to depart in a few months, they've cooled the flames on fan speculation and created a blockade to the buzz of what might have been with everyone speculating if he is leaving or not.

It's something that made them tense for a while last year when dealing with Daniel Bryan before he eventually re-signed with the company.

Now with new competition right at their beach-head, WWE can't afford to let go of their megastars.

While pure speculation remains as to Ambrose's departure being a part of an elaborate storyline (which might go multiple ways), the off-chance that it as true as stated provides everyone with the shot to create or re-create (in some cases) some dream matches against the soon to once again become Jon Moxley.

If that is that, then why not throw our ring in the hat and see what dream matches Dean Ambrose may pull out the hat depending on where he lands in the ever-changing landscape of pro-wrestling in 2019.

In that case, here are five dream matches in five dream promotions for the Lunatic Fringe. 


Honorable Mentions: An intriguing alternative

A tour to the Kingdom might be a perfect refresher for Dean Ambrose
A tour to the Kingdom might be a perfect refresher for Dean Ambrose

What if though, those wild theories are right. What if WWE isn't truly letting go of Dean Ambrose and instead this is all part of some wacky storyline. Then where can WWE take it from there?

Considering their creative brain trust, it'll most likely turn into an elongated re-hash of the 2011 Summer of Punk storyline with Ambrose returning as fast as one can say NJPW. WWE could tease one of its primary stars leaving and use it to refresh the stale Ambrose without resorting to cliches.

The best solution, correct the mistakes made by the Punk storyline. Instead, of just sending and bringing Ambrose back, have him tour the indies to revitalize himself and add an extra angle and layer to WWE's current growing monopoly.

Unlike 2011, the company even has the resources for it like its NXT brand and partnerships with global promotions.

Ambrose could pop into EVOLVE for a showcase of matches including a clash with the equally radical Darby Allin.

He could take a tour to the Queen's country and roughhouse against Pete Dunne in NXT UK. While he's in the Kingdom, why not set up a collision of promotions with Will Ospreay at PROGRESS, if that is he's still permitted to wrestle there.

If this is all a work and story, why not make it a bit exciting. The only hindrance? WWE creative's unwillingness to think out of the box when it comes to the product.

#5 L.A Park, Major League Wrestling

A Lunatic and a hardcore luchador walk into a bar
A Lunatic and a hardcore luchador walk into a bar

It's just about wrestling, that's what makes MLW an attractive option for Dean Ambrose who's apparently not a fan of the hokey stuff.

WWE's got a lot of that, MLW, on the other hand, likes to keep it plain and simple but often hardcore. This is something Dean Ambrose is all too familiar with.

So why not go to a place where wins and losses do matter, where's there's a perfunctory competitive system in place.

Where hardcore matches really go the extra mile and where a dream match awaits the former Moxley. CZW could seem the perfect homecoming but it's passed down a dredge of horrid while heading to Mexico seems like uncharted territory.

So then a dream match on American shores against the iconic and rabid LA Park at MLW awaits.

Park has already built a rough rivalry against Pentagon in the promotion and a hardcore set of thrillers against Ambrose is the perfect introduction for him to the Major Leagues.

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