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5 Reasons pushing Roman Reigns is a mistake, and 5 that it's best for business

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Roman Reigns!

Just his name alone probably conjures up strong emotions. If you're a Roman Reigns fan, you probably felt some pride mixed with frustration that so many other fans seem to despise him. If you're one of his detractors, bile may have risen in the back of your throat and you may have sent off some angry 'FIRE ROMAN NOW!!!' tweets.

In either case, he is one of the most talked about wrestlers on the planet right now. And with the WWE's new TV deal with Fox Sports, he will soon be broadcast into millions of homes, many of whom might be seeing him for the first time.

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So, at this critical juncture in WWE's expansion, we must ask the question; Is pushing Roman Reigns as the top babyface a mistake, or is it good for business? Here are five reasons it's a bad decision, and five it might be a good one.

Mistake: He is failing as the "Hogan-esque" super good guy


There are many parallels between Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan. For one, they are both larger than average wrestlers, but still lack the massive size of Andre the Giant or Braun Strowman.

For another, they are both the hand-picked avatar of their respective eras, but there is one key difference; While Hulk Hogan received wall to wall cheers and universal support from the wrestling audience (at least in WWE) Reigns seems to get at least as much hate as love, if not a lot more.

For whatever reason, the fans are rejecting Roman Reigns as the 'superhero' who always manages to beat the bad guy. Pushing him like he has Hogan or Rock level popularity just falls miserably flat.

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