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5 Reasons why we are living in the golden age of professional wrestling

  • Professional wrestling is currently in one of its most exciting eras.
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Modified 28 Jan 2019, 22:37 IST

#3: Quality

Okada and Omega have had some of the best matches in pro wrestling history within the last 2 years
Okada and Omega have had some of the best matches in pro wrestling history within the last 2 years

The quality of wrestling has certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. Instead of too many muscle-bound wrestlers attempting to carry on good matches, now we have many wrestlers, no matter how big or small, who are able to put of fantastic matches.

Most companies pride themselves on the quality of their product, and companies like ROH, NJPW, WWE and many others are at the forefront of this.

While WWE still has some matches that might lack quality, keep in mind that they don't treat every match like a wrestling clinic. Storylines often trump what a match might be like. Also in terms of quality, there are numerous styles of wrestling if a particular style or promotion turns you off.

Like 'Strong Style'? Check out NJPW, Pro Wrestling Noah or any of the numerous British promotions that have cultivated their own version of the style.

Hardcore fans can follow CZW, House of Hardcore or the occasional match in MLW. The quality of women's wrestling is also light years ahead of where it was even eight years ago. This was something that led to promotions like Shine, Shimmer, Stardom and WOW being created for women to hone their crafts.

A big onus has been placed on the 'Women's Evolution' by WWE over the last five years or so, but other companies have been putting out quality women's wrestling for the last decade in the least.

Published 21 Jan 2019, 10:11 IST
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