5 Wrestlers who are better off in the independent circuit

  • These wrestlers are top stars on the independent circuit.
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Omega is the face of NJPW at the moment
Omega is the face of NJPW at the moment

WWE is considered to be 'the holy grail of wrestling'. Many wrestlers dream about performing in front of the WWE Universe.

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And there should be no argument about it. Whether you like it or not, WWE is the biggest professional wrestling company in the world today. Even if you don't watch WWE, you know that this company exists.

A lot of wrestling fans dream of seeing their favourite wrestlers perform in the WWE ring. We see their great in-ring skills and we believe that they could become an asset to the WWE.

And some wrestlers, like AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, showed their value and importance to the WWE with their incredible in-ring skills, their ability to bring the best out of their opponents and the connection they have with the crowd

However, certain wrestlers are better off performing somewhere that is not WWE. They are doing great and thus, they don't need to work for WWE. Let's take a look at the five wrestlers who shouldn't join WWE.

Keep in mind, this article is not about saying that these wrestlers will not get a proper push or they are too good to work for WWE. It would be great if they wrestle in a WWE ring and some of the wrestlers mentioned are likely going to succeed with the company as well.

It's about why I think they shouldn't wrestle in a WWE ring unless WWE decides to pull a 'Jushin Thunder Liger' and allow wrestlers from other companies compete in a WWE ring for one time only.

#1 Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre Jr. can come up with submission and pinning combination when you least expect it and can tie you up like a ribbon
Sabre Jr. can come up with submission and pinning combination when you least expect it and can tie you up like a ribbon

Zack Sabre Jr is considered to be one of the best technical wrestlers in the world right now. He won Wrestling Observer Newsletter's 'Best Technical Wrestler' award for four consecutive years from 2014-2017.

He is currently a member of the Suzuki Gun and held Revolution Pro Wrestling's British Heavyweight Championship 2 times, PWG World Championship, and Evolve Championship. In the ring, Zack Sabre Jr is a killer.

Sabre Jr. can come up with submission and pinning combination when you least expect it and can tie you up like a ribbon.

He is having a time of his life right now, winning the New Japan Cup and PROGRESS's Super Strong Style tournament as well as beating the likes of Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, and Hiroshi Tanahashi. He is already a successful wrestler, and thus, has very little to reason to work for WWE.

Besides the fact that he doesn't need to wrestle in a WWE ring, Sabre Jr. does not belong there. For starters, most of his arsenal consists of submissions.

Granted, not every move in his repertoire include submissions and he does use moves like the Penalty Kick and Zack Driver, but the majority of his offense consists of pinning combinations and submissions.

Thus, his style of wrestling is not for everyone and some casual fans would find his wrestling style boring.

There is a difference between Daniel Bryan and Zack Sabre Jr. Daniel Bryan is a technical wrestler, but he has added high flying moves as well as flashy moves to make his matches entertaining.

It should also be noted that Zack Sabre Jr is not a very good speaker. He has Taka Michinoku speak for him. But then again, Taka is speaking for Zack Sabre Jr because he couldn't speak Japanese.

Some wrestlers, like Bret Hart and Brock Lesnar, have proven that they don't need mic-skills to succeed in the WWE. But that doesn't mean bad mic-skills couldn't become a hindrance to Zack.

And even though he has some personality playing a cocky heel, he is pretty bland as a babyface.

Those problems could possibly hinder Zack since WWE would have him debut as a babyface or at least turn him face at some point in his career.

That is not to say Zack Sabre Jr is not good enough to succeed in the WWE, but he is much better suited in wrestling companies that focuses more on wrestling and in-ring action than in a company that focuses more on providing entertainment.

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Published 14 Oct 2018, 00:35 IST
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