7 things you didn't know about Scarlett Bordeaux

Gary Cassidy
Modified 12 Jan 2019
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#6 Her Impact debut wasn't actually her Impact debut

Love, left, and Bordeaux, right
Love, left, and Bordeaux, right

While Impact Wrestling built up the character of The Smoke Show and touted Scarlett Bordeaux as a new signing, she'd actually competed for TNA four years previous - during the One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown PPV back in 2014.

On that occasion, Bordeaux may have scored less than a perfect 10, losing her only match to Angelina Love The six-time Knockout Champion may have won the encounter, but Bordeaux more than held her own!

Now, there's no smoke and mirrors here, no different name. Scarlett Bordeaux was indeed named Scarlett Bordeaux for this match but never wrestled for Impact again after the match which took place four years ago.

Needless to say, the match was pretty impressive, as you can see below - but it's funny how things work out. Four years later, a very different Scarlett is back

Published 12 Jan 2019
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