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AEW News: Cody describes what AEW's product will look like

680   //    08 Feb 2019, 02:44 IST

The Elite will look to present a product that sets itself apart from other promotions.
The Elite will look to present a product that sets itself apart from other promotions.

What's the story?

Cody and the rest of the minds behind All Elite Wrestling certainly want to shake things up in the world of professional wrestling.

He recently spoke with the legend Jim Ross on the Ross Report where he discussed what he feels AEW's product will look like. carried the interview transcript.

In case you didn't know...

All Elite Wrestling basically entered the wrestling business and put every other promotion in the world on notice in one form or fashion.

The new promotion wants to work with some promotions (OWE in China) and possibly Impact Wrestling in order to provide an alternative product to wrestling fans.

Without even putting on another official show under its banner, AEW has already changed the landscape of pro wrestling by forcing promotions like WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor to switch up how they handle their business.

The heart of the matter

Ahead of the ticket announcement party in Las Vegas this week, Cody spoke with longtime friend Jim Ross to discuss a multitude of topics, including what he hopes AEW's product will look like.

“I tend to skew towards the sporting aspect of the industry. I don’t like to say old school wrestling, I love traditional wrestling. Whether it’s Mid-Atlantic, or Mid South, or Dusty’s stuff with Jim Crockett Promotions, it’s not just old wrestling to me.”

Unsurprisingly, growing up during a time when pro wrestling was just starting to garner mainstream attention has given Cody a lifelong appreciation for all types of the sport.

“I think there’s magic in there. The things that people are doing, the competitors are doing, promo men are doing, that’s keeping the suspension of disbelief alive. It’s easy for someone of my generation to go ‘that’s just old wrestling’. There’s so much you can learn from it. It’s unreal.”

He also said that since Tony Khann and the Young Bucks all offer something different to the promotion, it will offer a little bit of everything.

"Tony Khan comes from the world of sports,” Cody says. “He wants to put out a sports broadcast. I think pro wrestling is entertaining enough. I don’t think the soap opera element of it has to be turned up to eleven in any way. Tony’s an analytics savant. He’s a genius when it comes to stuff like that. I love hearing about the idea of wins and losses, and time limits, things that sound like the wrestling that I grew up on.”

Cody also mentioned what the Bucks would bring to the table for All Elite Wrestling since he's a fan of the old-school mentality of the business.

“They bring a different side. They bring a very non-traditional wrestling. It’s the buffet. That’s what I want to create again. That was something Eric Bischoff told me before All In… He said make it a buffet.”

Double or Nothing will be the first taste fans will get to see if everything Cody hopes for in the new promotion will indeed be showcased.

The Double or Nothing event in May will go a long way in showing everyone what to expect from AEW.
The Double or Nothing event in May will go a long way in showing everyone what to expect from AEW.

What's next?

Cody, the Young Bucks and the Kahns are all very serious about providing a quality product that caters to all types of fans.

They still have over three months to continue to build the product, and having billionaires back up your ideas certainly makes them happening more of a reality.

If all things go on as the minds behind All Elite Wrestling hope they do, we will hopefully have a truly unique wrestling promotion for both fans and wrestlers alike.

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