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ALL IN Predictions That Won't Happen

7.10K   //    28 Aug 2018, 21:49 IST

ALL IN is poised to be one of the biggest wrestling events of all time. Since selling out in approximately 30 minutes, the majority of the card has been released but as all wrestling fans know, regardless of the card you never know what might happen at a major event like this. Here are some extremely unlikely prediction, that won't happen but would be cool if they did.

Kevin Owens is ALL IN!

At the Aug 27 edition of RAW, after losing to Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens sat in the ring saying nothing finally breaking his silence by saying a simple "I quit". Even though it's pretty safe to say this is simply a new angle for Owens, what if he really did quit. Could he show up at All In? Join the Over The Budget Battle Royal? Six participants are TDA. Who better to win the battle royal and go on to face Jay Lethal for the RoH Title later that night.

A McMahon shows up!

This wouldn't happen in a million years, but could you imagine if one of the McMahon, Stephanie, Shane, Triple H or Vince himself appeared at ALL IN? It's safe to say ALL IN is on Vince's radar. Whether he is aware of the ramifications ALL IN has the potential of having on the wrestling industry or not is the big question, but let us say for a moment he is. Traditionally, Vince would go out of his way to squash any potential an event like this could have, but no attempts, to our knowledge, have been made. What if Vince sees the potential this event could have? What if that potential could mean a new "Monday Night War". WCW vs WWE lead to the Attitude Era. Could the WWE benefit from a new rival? If the potential is there, why not embrace it. Think of what is coming up on the WWE calendar. What if a McMahon showed up at ALL IN and openly challenged the Bullet Club to a match at Survivor Series. Bullet Club vs The Shield, New Day or some other combination with AJ Styles and Finn Balor caught in the middle.

CM Punk

ALL IN is in Chicago. He's already scheduled to be at some of the events in Chicago that weekend, leading up to the event. Of these three predictions, CM Punk being appearing at ALL IN in one capacity or another seems a foregone conclusion. Will CM Punk pass up an opportunity to be part of an event that will stick it to Vince McMahon and the WWE? An event that basically represents what he loved about wrestling and what he wanted wrestling to be? Sadly, chances are the fans hoping this one will happen will be disappointed. CM Punk returning to wrestling would be amazing, but is ALL IN the event to make his return at?

The likely hood of either of these three predictions coming to fruition are fairly slim, but it's fun to dream because you never know when those dreams might come true. ALL IN is proof of that.

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