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Chaos Within CHAOS: Civil War in New Japan

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Published Sep 26, 2018
Sep 26, 2018 IST

Strong Style Attitude
Strong Style Attitude

The final Destruction show on the Road to Wrestle Kingdom yielded some great contests backed by a stellar main event between old rivals. For the first time since before 2013, Kazuchika Okada faced the prospect of not heading to the main event of the January 4th Tokyo Dome show.

Standing in his way was the man holding the world title shot, the Ace of New Japan; Hiroshi Tanahashi. To Okada it seemed simple, he hasn't been at his best but could get his best out of a man he has owned ever since his vindicating victory at Wrestle Kingdom 10. Yet Okada much like Kenny Omega earlier this year has been unable to see the bigger picture.

There's a snake in his garden, one which he is responsible for bringing to the fore. Okada's arrogance blinded him to the fact that Jay White is a danger to him and his group, this ceded into his breakdown recently, giving up on his trusted partnership with Gedo.

The Result?

Gedo fired back, taking out Okada and aligning himself with Jay 'Switchblade' White. Now there's true chaos unleased within CHAOS and the question remains, which side of the line will its members fall to in the civil war; with The Rainmaker CHAOS or Switchblade's 'Make CHAOS Heel Again!'.

12. Gedo and Jado

"Et Tu Brute?"-Julius Caesar, Caesar; Sir William Shakespeare

So this one's kind of obvious, Gedo played his hand at Destruction in Kobe, taking a stand against Okada after their unceremonious separation. While Jado doesn't do much these days, he will most likely side with his former partner en route to championing the doctrine of Jay White.

Gedo provides an interesting element to Okada's downfall, as he is the man who propped him up to the point to take over CHAOS. This was despite former leader Shinsuke Nakamura still being part of the promotion. It seemed to sit well with Gedo until it didn't, believing Okada responsible for his own downfall since losing the championship.

It also gives Jay White the same mouthpiece, to propel him further in the New Japan ranks ever since his return last year. White under Gedo will find the perfect guidance, connect to the Japanese audience and heat magnet to make him the top tier heel NJPW desperately craves.

Gedo (with Jado) breathes and becomes a member of Switchblade's CHAOS!

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