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Exclusive: Johnny Impact and Killer Kross clash in tense press conference ahead of Final Hour

Gary Cassidy
194   //    08 Nov 2018, 02:10 IST

I got to speak with two men who will go head to head
I got to speak with two men who will go head to head

On tomorrow night's Final Hour, Johnny Impact defends his Impact World Championship against Killer Kross. Kross certainly made an impact when he debuted in June, posing as a police officer and arresting Petey Williams before revealing that he was, himself, the mystery X attacker. Alongside Moose, Kross looks to be unstoppable, on an war path heading straight for the title.

There couldn't be a tougher adversary for Kross to overcome, though, as the man with the strap right now is Johnny Impact! Impact returned to Impact Wrestling in July at Slammiversary and it didn't take long for the 39-year-old to win his first ever Impact World Championship.

But who will come out on top at Impact Wrestling Final Hour? Well, we caught up with both men on a very tense, heated Impact Press Pass to find out a bit more about how both men feel going into the match.

Killer Kross, you've been called the "insurance policy" ever since you helped Austin Aries retain the title - do you have an insurance policy of your own going into this match?

Kross: First of all, I've never called myself an insurance policy - that's a name that's been given to me by multiple people. Actually, John was one of the first people who gave me that name, but I digress, no need to beat a dead horse with this.

I don't need insurance, period, for Final Hour, okay? I hope he signed the waiver twice and I hope someone has 911 on speed dial. Bring a neck brace.

Impact: It's just kind of silly to walk about without insurance. That's not recommended for anybody who steps into a pro wrestling ring. The title of insurance policy doesn't really describe what Killer Kross is, he's much more than that, he's his own entity.

Whether or not he needs an insurance policy or he has insurance, I don't know, but it's something I wouldn't put past him. I know Killer Kross takes pride in handling his own business, but knowing him the way that I know him and knowing how much he wants to prove a point, I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if anybody shows up. 

Johnny, you've said that Killer Kross' philosophies are just ways of justifying his insatiable need to destroy others - do you think he's going into this to win the title or purely to destroy you? If it's the latter, how do you combat that?

Impact: I think that mentality, that philosophy, is intrinsically flawed. There's two different strategies. 1 - destroying me, 2 - winning the title. I think you're right, I think everything he's said on this press conference has been to do with driving my face through the canvas, ripping my spine out, laughing at my pain - but I haven't heard Killer Kross speak strategically about how he's going to win. That, in my opinion, is a mistake. 

Catch Johnny Impact and Killer Kross in action, only on SONY ESPN and SONY ESPN HD, this week.

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