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GFW News: Jim Cornette probably won't be at Bound For Glory

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What's the story?

Global Force Wrestling was reportedly bouncing around a few locations for Bound For Glory's location.

They decided on Toronto Canada and while it might be awesome news for Canadian fans of GFW, it poses a problem for Jim Cornette. He recently spoke on his podcast The Jim Cornette Experience about why he can't go back to Canada.

In case you didn't know....

Jim Cornette is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestling managers and minds of the Modern Era. He constantly drove fans into a frenzy during his days as The Midnight Express' manager.

In those days the heat was real and if you didn't defend yourself you were fodder for an angry crowd to rip apart. Pro wrestling was serious and kayfabe was still very much a part of the business.

The heart of the matter

Cornette recently took on an authority figure role for Impact Wrestling. He filmed an entire run of episodes which advanced the company toward Bound For Glory.

GFW recently announced they were holding Bound For Glory in Canada and Corney explained why he wouldn't be there on The Jim Cornette Experience.

Cornette stated he was driving his own car with his wife Stacey on the way to a Ring of Honor Show a few years ago when he was pulled over by authorities near the US/Canadian border.

His car was searched and nothing was found. It seemed like Cornette was in the clear until they ran his record and found his history of assault charges. After all, he had to defend himself in the good old days of wrestling and sometimes that meant catching a charge for assault.

After they found that assault charges Cornette was apparently deemed no longer legally allowed to travel to Canada.


Therefore GFW needs to figure out how to book Bound For Glory without Jim Cornette and possibly the chunk of television after that if they take place in Canada. Because James E Cornette isn't allowed to venture that far North.

What's next?

Regardless of whether Jim Cornette makes it to Bound For Glory won't stop the stars of Impact Wrestling from doing everything they can to make the product great.

As Jim Cornette continues he'll keep making appearances and talk about how he's going to stop taking bookings.

Whatever he does is sure to be entertaining because it will feature that special something Jim Cornette brings to the table.

Author's take

Jim Cornette has done amazing things in pro wrestling and his appearances for GFW were something to be seen. It was great to see him interacting with the current GFW roster and I'd like to see more of him on television.

I'd also like to see Jim Cornette get inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame which is sure to happen someday. Although Jim might downplay it on his podcast he'd still show up with bells on and a great speech prepared unless WrestleMania was in Canada.

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