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Impact News: More big names leaving Impact Wrestling soon

657   //    29 Dec 2017, 08:15 IST

Let's hope Impact Wrestling can do with these guys...

What's the story?

Impact Wrestling is continually going through changes and this time is no different in the company's history. A few big on-screen names have left in recent months and now a couple more valuable assets to Impact Wrestling are leaving as well but instead, they are essential backstage personnel.

In case you didn't know...

The backbone of any pro wrestling organization comes from loyal employees who stick through thick and thin along with those who are seldom seen but present a tentpole with their presence. Some of the most valuable employees can be those unsung heroes backstage who you seldom see but you witness the benefits of their hard work every time you watch the show.

The heart of the matter

John Gaburick was kept on the team at Impact Wrestling as the team transitioned into being an owned property of Anthem Entertainment. He was the Executive Vice President of Creative and Talent Relations of TNA and will soon be leaving the company when his deal expires on December 31st.

But, since there are no shows until the end of the year, he's pretty much done.

On the other hand, Bob Rosen is also leaving Impact Wrestling as well. Rosen was in charge of transporting the ring and setting it up at Impact shows and had been an employee of the company for thirteen years.

What's next?

As Impact Wrestling continues to morph into whatever it's becoming, there might be some more growing pains in regards to losing key people backstage and on the roster. But the important part will be how Impact Wrestling plans to fill those holes and carry on into the future.

Author's take

It's sad when two key assets of a company leave but Impact Wrestling is no stranger to losing people. At this point, it should be like another day in the office to go in and discover another person isn't around.

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