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Impact Wrestling News: Killer Kross updates his situation, says best 'to go separate ways'

128   //    13 Sep 2019, 09:05 IST

The clock is ticking...
The clock is ticking...

Impact Wrestling and Killer Kross have been involved in one of the messier situations lately involving him and his home promotion. After getting his request for release denied earlier this year, the talented star spoke to Sporting News to update his ongoing status with the promotion.

Where things stand

Unfortunately, Kross hasn't been seen in Impact since his Slammiversary match with Eddie Edwards in which he reportedly refused to blade (cause himself to bleed). Fans have been wondering just what was going on with the talented grappler. He provided some insight when speaking with the Sporting News.

"It’s very difficult to even discuss. I’m doing my absolutely best to remain civil and professional on the entire ordeal and it’s extremely difficult.”
"I was told that a lot of things were going to happen that year (2018) that there was no follow through on. I tried to express that and I was initially interested in staying on board. I wasn't trying to leave. I wasn't trying to hold anybody up or strong arm them. That's all, like, insane stuff that people are creating their own context about. That wasn't at all what was happening."

During the interview, Kross would go on to further explain why things have deteriorated so quickly between him and the company.

"In the process of all that, I was attempting to retrieve something that was owed to me by the company. I had been trying to retrieve that for an extended period of time and I was very cool about it and I was very professional about it."
"I got along with everyone and I tried to put my best foot forward and I think anyone who watches my work, you'd never know anything was wrong because I had a very small window to optimize my time to perform to the best of my ability for that company and I think everyone would tell you that I came with my working shoes every single time."

Kross provides his solution

The impasse between the two sides has hurt both parties as Impact won't use one of its most unique stars. Kross is unable to continue his work of making his mark on the business since he isn't being used. His solution to the problem is simple.

"I would address it as the best way to rectify this situation, in my opinion, is for both of us to go our separate ways peacefully because I think that's just where we're at. Everything that's happened up to this point, what's transpired and occurred, and I think even people on the roster would probably agree with me."

It's hard to foresee how things will play out because Kross is under contract with Impact. Impact's product has also improved greatly over the last few years so how will this situation end?

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