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Impact Wrestling Results: 11-29-2018

Brandon Ewing
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Impact Wrestling Logo

Welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling!

We open up tonight’s show with highlights from two week’s ago, showcasing the various ongoing feuds to get viewers up-to-speed on the current angles and storylines.

This week’s Impact Wrestling is taking place from Las Vegas Nevada, as we open up the show with a tag team match with Rich Swann and Willie Mack versus The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix).

“Tag Team Match” – Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix)

Both teams get in each other’s faces as we kick things off. Fans are evenly split and love both teams. Rich Swann and Fenix start things off. Series of waist locks into some athletic counters by both men. Both men try to outdo each other with various showboating and counters, as the fans applaud. Pentagon Jr. and Willie Mack are tagged in. After some trash talking from Pentagon and Willie Mack, Rich Swann and Fenix enter as it becomes a Super Kick Party as everyone knocks each other down.

Pentagon Jr with a series of front kicks and shots. Willie Mack with the big boot to counter, as Pentagon Jr. follows up with a Super Kick. Willie Mack hits with a big Running Hurricanrana. Mack and Swann double team Pentagon Jr, as Mack goes for the cover for a two count. Mack catches Fenix in mid-air with the Samoan Drop into the Standing Moonsault. Swann hits the 450 Splash, then a Standing Frog Splash to Pentagon Jr for another near fall.

Pentagon Jr and Fenix take back control. Fenix hits a Double Springboard Cutter. Two sling blades by Pentagon Jr to follow up. The Lucha Bros take control as Fenix hits a 6-1-9 to Rich Swann. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix with the Double Footstomp to the groin. Running Spin Kick to the face by Fenix to Mack, followed by a Code Breaker by Pentagon Jr. Sliced Bread as Pentagon goes for the cover and gets a count.


Rich Swann hits a Spinning Back Kick on Fenix on the arena floor. Pentagon Jr. with a thunderous front kick to Mack. Willie Mack hits the Pounce to Pentagon Jr. to send him out to the arena floor. Willie Mack charges and dives outside the ring with the Tope Conhilo. Rich Swann hits the Phoenix Splash to Swann and Mack on the floor. Fenix does a quadruple jump into a fantastic dive to the arena floor on both Swann and Mack as go to break.

Back from the commercial break, Fenix and Mack are the legal men. Both men exchange a series of chops and forearm shots. Fenix counters an Irish whip with a Super Kick. Fenix goes to the top as Swann runs in and intervenes. Pentagon Jr. is tagged in. Fenix hops down, hits a Reverse Hurricanrana to Mack. Then a Fear Factor by both men to Rich Swann on the apron! Both men hit a series of beautiful double team moves that secure The Lucha Bros the victory, as Fenix pins Willie Mack to the win.

Winners: The Lucha Bros.

After the match. L-A-X come out to ringside to confront The Lucha Bros, minus Konnan. L-A-X give The Lucha Bros. a handshake in a show of respect. They get on the microphone and praise The Lucha Bros. L-A-X issue a challenge to The Lucha Bros. for their Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles on January 6th at Impact: Homecoming. The crowd gets behind this challenge, as The Lucha Bros. happily accept the challenge.

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