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Impact Wrestling Results: December 6th, 2018

Brandon Ewing
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We open up Impact Wrestling with an opening package showing highlights from last week’s broadcast, including Tommy Dreamer vs Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards locked in an Insane Asylum at Shady Acres and Gail Kim’s return!

We kick things off with Jake Crist from oVe versus Willie Mack in an Ultimate X Qualifier Match.

Ultimate X Qualifier Match - Jake Crist vs Willie Mack

Jake Crist gets taken down with a shoulder tackle by Willie Mack, followed up by a big dropkick by Mack. Mack takes control with a series of right hands. Crist goes for a diving cross body from the top, but it's countered into a Samoan Drop, then a Standing Moonsault by Mack for a near fall. Mack attempts an outside dive on Crist, but he catches him at the middle rope with a Super Kick, then a running dropkick off the apron. Crist sends Mack back into the ring, as Crist goes for the cover for a two count. 

Crist applies a rear naked chin lock. Mack fights out of the hold, but Crist counters with a huge boot to the face for the two count. Willie Mack fight back with a huge lariat, then a rolling uppercut, followed by a hard scoop slam and big leg drop sequence. Mack catches Crist, tosses him in the air and pops him with a huge forearm shot. Mack connects with the Codebreaker from the middle rope for the near fall.

Crist catches Mack on the top rope and attempts the Superplex, but gets countered into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Crist pops up and hits a Super Kick, then a Roundhouse Kick, followed by the German Suplex pin attempt for a two count, all in one beautiful series of moves.

Mack catches Crist with the Exploder Suplex in the corner for the two count. Mack please Crist in the tree of woe in the corner, then climbs up on the opposite turnbuckle. Interference by oVe members causes Crist to recover and catch Mack on the top rope. Jake Crist connects with a Super Cutter from the top rope to get the cover and pin fall victory.

Winner: Jake Crist


Backstage, we see Su Yung and “Dark” Allie backstage, as Allie is prepared to head out to the ring next as we head to commercial break. 

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