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Impact Wrestling results, video highlights, and analysis - 15 March 2019

Greg Bush
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16 Mar 2019, 09:47 IST

Johnny Impact looked to continue a run of impressive championship defenses tonight
Johnny Impact looked to continue a run of impressive championship defenses tonight

Tonight's Impact was, as always, packed full of faced paced action. After Eli Drake saved Eddie and Alisha Edwards last week, the duo looked to take another crack at tag team wrestling as they faced off against Desi Hit Squad. We also saw KM and Fallah Bahh attempt to get revenge on Reno Scum, who recently returned to Impact Wrestling.

Johnny Impact, though he may have come into tonight injured after the tag team match last week, defended his title against the Machine Brian Cage. Could Impact overcome the terrifying power of Cage, or would tonight mark a new era in Impact Wrestling?

Also, Tessa Blanchard looked to earn another title opportunity against Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. However, to do that, she needed to get through the powerhouse Jordynne Grace.

All that and more on tonight's Impact Wrestling!

oVe kicked off Impact with a shocking and devastating bang
oVe kicked off Impact with a shocking and devastating bang

oVe vs Rich Swann, Willie Mac, & Tommy Dreamer

The match immediately began with a ring clearing brawl, which left Swann in the middle of the ring with Sami Callihan. Swann was too much to handle for the Draw, sending him to the outside following a beautiful crescent kick.

oVe ore apart signs on the outside before finally stepping back inside the ring. Dreamer and Callihan started the match officially with Callihan quickly taking over. Jake Crist tagged in but was taken down by the Hardcore Icon with an arm drag. Dreamer brought him over to his corner where Rich Swann and Willie Mac took turns punishing him. Mac torqued Jake's arm while Dreamer connected with a bottom rope double ax handle. He made it back to his corner, where he tagged in Dave Crist.


Dave distracted the ref while Callihan kicked a draped Dreamer across the face. Tagging back in, Callihan brought him down with a snapmare followed by a running elbow drop. Callihan looked for the piledriver but Dreamer countered, launching him into his corner and tagging in Mac. Mac knocked off Dave and Jake Crist before turning his attention to Callihan, wiping him out with a huge spinning wheel kick.

Callihan went up top for a crossbody but was caught by Mac, slamming him down and connecting with a standing moonsault. Swann tagged in and connected with the Rolling Thunder. Tommy Dreamer followed up the high flying action with a running elbow drop and a failed kip up. Swann and Mac helped him up to his feet as the crowd cheered.

The two teams worked their way to the outside, where Dreamer actually went high risk, jumping onto all five men from the apron to a chorus of "You Still Got It" chants. Back inside, a legal Rich Swann went for a dive, but Dave Crist knocked him off, sending him into Callihan's boot as we cut to commercial.

Back from the break, Callihan had Swann on the ground with a rear chin lock. Swann fought out but was knocked back on his back with a clothesline. Jake tagged in and looked to force Swann to tap, but Mac made the save. Dave tagged in and went for a pin on Swann, but the X-Division Champion kicked out at two.

Swann fought back but his momentum was again cut short, this time bya dropkick from Dave. He then locked in a modified ankle lock on Swann while Callihan taunted him from the outside. oVe swapped in and out beating the nearly defenseless Swann. Back to his feet, however, the champ fought out of the cluthces of Dave Crist and finally tagged in Dreamer.

Callihan and Jake came into a pair of clotheselines from Dreamer, who took out the Crists with jabs and a double clotheseline. Callihan spit in Dreamer's face only for Dreamer to eat it and catch Callihan with a cutter. Callihan kicked out and escaped a DDT attempt, knocking out Dreamer in the corner. Mac leveled Callihan with an elbow.

After everyone took each other down with several impressive moves, Dreamer set oVe up in the corner for a canonball from Willie Mac. The Crists were left in the middle of the ring, with Mac and Swann dropping down on them with frog splashes. Dreamer looked towards the turnbuckle as Callihan struggled to get up. After some thought, Dreamer came down with a Frog Splash of his own.

The Crists pulled Swann and Mac out while Callihan escaped a Dreamer Driver with a claw to the face followed by a claw to the groin before putting him away with a piledriver.

Results: oVe defeated Dreamer, Mac, and Swann via pinfall.

After the match, Josh Matthews and Don Callis ran down the rest of the show, including the #1 Contenders Match between Jordynne Grace and Tessa Blanchard.

Backstage, Cage asked if Impact was ready for tonight. Impact, in a neckbrace, said Cage needed to make sure that he was ready.

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