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Indie News: Michael Elgin removed from bookings due to sexual misconduct controversy

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He should have acted much faster

What's the story?

In today's day and age, it seems allegations of sexual misconduct are leading to the removal of many prominent figures in entertainment, government, and business. Now pro wrestling has another case of sexual misconduct. However this story about Michael Elgin isn't about anything he did, it's about what he didn't do.

A woman by the name of Malone was allegedly sexually assaulted by one of Elgin's students and the authorities were never involved.

In case you didn't know...

Michael Elgin worked as owner of Glory Pro Wrestling and had students in a wrestling school. When you're in a position of power like that you need to set an example. Unfortunately, Elgin has since sold Glory Pro but it was too late to make things right because although he publically acted like he was on his female student's side, he privately tried to discredit her.

The heart of the matter

Smash Wrestling has pulled Michael Elgin from all upcoming bookings after the private conversations between Michael Elgin and his former female student were released on social media.

Malonactually alerted Michael Elgin about this alleged sexual assault in March but received no reply and waited until November 16th before taking action against her male classmate.

Elgin has also been removed from his bookings in Maine due to this ordeal. It's an unfortunate situation all around. Because even if Michael Elgin wanted to make sure an allegation was true before reporting it he should have still let the authorities take care of things in the first place.

What's next?

Michael Elgin is a great pro wrestler and can hold his own against anyone. His matches are entertaining and his work is solid. But this article isn't about how good he is in the ring. It might take some major rebuilding to get Elgin's name back to where it was before if that's possible at all. But hopefully, Michael Elgin will find bookings, after all, he's still one of the best pro wrestlers out there.


Author's take

This is similar in parts to why Joe Paterno at Penn State had his statue removed from outside the stadium. If you're in a position of power and you don't report allegations of misconduct, then you are abusing your power and creating an unsafe environment.

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