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Interview: Bad Boy Jr. discusses his career, his friendship with Mansilla, his experience in Chile, wrestling in Peru and more

Xose Merant
178   //    14 May 2018, 23:40 IST

Mansilla making his entry into the debut show of Imperio that took place at the Eduardo Dibós Coliseum in Lima with the presence of 6,000 fans.
Mansilla making his entry into the debut show of Imperio that took place at the Eduardo Dibós Coliseum in Lima with the presence of 6,000 fans.

This week I had the opportunity to interview Bad Boy Jr., one of the most important Peruvian wrestlers. For a long time, he was the protagonist of LWA (Leader Wrestling Association), the oldest Peruvian promotion in activity. Currently, he competes in Imperio Lucha Libre, the most important promotion in Peru. 

In this interview, Bad Boy Jr. spoke about his beginnings in wrestling, his friendship with Mansilla, his rivalry with Apocalipsis, his first experience competing outside of Peru and his goals and expectations for this year. 

1) What memories do you have of your childhood?

Bad Boy Jr: I don't remember much. In fifth grade, I met Mansilla and other friends. When I was 6 or 7 years old I started to watch SmackDown, but I didn't watch it completely because in Peru it was broadcast on Sundays and those days I always went out with my family. I used to watch the first matches. Then I started playing SmackDown on PlayStation. I remembered many wrestlers and shortly afterwards I went back to watching WWE. 

2) How was your arrival to LWA?

Bad Boy Jr: I didn't watch much wrestling. It was not something I used to do every day. I used to go to a mall and buy wrestling DVDs, especially old ones. In the first year of high school, we met at recess with Mansilla and other friends and we made a ring in the back of the classroom. There we played and wrestled. We did that until the third year of high school. Then we met a friend who recommended us to go to the park. There we founded Park Wrestling Federation. There we played and had fun.

We upload our matches to YouTube. When we heard about the existence of LWA, we went to prove ourselves. Mansilla and I were the first. The rest of our friends didn't want to try on LWA. We were in Park Wrestling Federation and LWA until we realized that the Park was unnecessary, so we started to dedicate ourselves more seriously in LWA. A short time later we debuted at LWA. 

3) How were your first months at LWA?

Bad Boy Jr: We started training at LWA in 2010. The LWA training was at the Chamochumbi Coliseum but then they had an administrative problem and they moved to Surco. At that time, LWA had three ranks: rookies, golds and elite. We were rookies and we became golds after three months. Another five months went by and we reached the elite. That's when we met Apocalipsis, our mentor. I joined LWA when I was 14 years old and I made my professional debut when I was 15 years old at a show in Plaza de Breña where some Ecuadorian wrestlers participated. 

The training at LWA was at 6 am. With Mansilla we always arrived before and trained what we had learned last week. We trained Saturdays and Sundays. After all the workouts, we always stayed one more hour rehearsing movements. We trained a lot and that's why we went up in rank so fast.

4) In Alta Tensión 2013 you got the LWA Tag Team Championship with Mansilla. It was a match against JF Roman & Pensacola and Ian Muhlig & TVK in Breña. What do you remember about that match?

Bad Boy Jr: I remember almost everything. In that place, I made my professional debut three years before. Winning our first championship was very important. It was a match with tables, ladders and chairs. The experience was very good because we face the best wrestlers of Peru and Chile. 

5) In 2014, you and Mansilla got the LWA Tag Team Championship again, but this time in Reyes de la Lucha Libre IV. What can you tell me about that match?

Bad Boy Jr: That show at the beginning was going to be in another place and the event was almost canceled. With Mansilla we were worried because we had pending issues with Doctor Demente. I came with an operation in the eye and he simply took away our titles. The show was in the place where we trained.

The match was very good. Da Silva, a new wrestler, teamed up with Cienfuegos. There were also Axel and Ikito. It was difficult but we finally got the Tag Team Championship. It was very emotional because we came from a time where Doctor Demente constantly threatened us. He did what he wanted, but finally, we were able to defeat him and recover our titles. 

6) In 2015, with the exception of one match where you returned to team with Mansilla, you competed on your own. What is your balance for that year where you faced wrestlers like Apocalipsis and Gaston Mateo?

Bad Boy Jr: It’s different when you're used to fighting as a tag team and then on your own. In tag teams, you always try to save your tag team partner and know that he will save you. When you are competing without tag team partner there is no one to save you. It is completely different. It was a year of great development. From this year I started to have more interesting matches. I lost against Apocalipsis and defeated Gastón Mateo. It was a step forward in my career, forming my own path. It was also a positive change in search of the most important title of the company, which I think is what all the wrestlers look for. 

7) 2016 was your last year at LWA, which revolved around your story with Mansilla and Apocalipsis. What is your balance for that year and why have you not returned to LWA after your victory over Apocalipsis in Reyes de la Lucha Libre VI?

Bad Boy Jr: That story began at the end of 2015. Mansilla was the champion and Apocalipsis wanted the title. I also wanted the title and Mansilla felt attacked by Apocalipsis, his teacher, and his best friend and almost brother who is me. He defended the title in a triple threat match. There was a crisis in our friendship. Apocalipsis wanted at all costs that Mansilla does not continue being the champion and that I do not stand out. Mansilla wanted to help me but only harmed me.

In the triple threat match, Mansilla retained the title. After that we were rivals. Apocalipsis is the face of Peruvian wrestling. I was the one who bothered me the most. The rivalry against Apocalipsis ended when I defeated him. Mansilla lost the title before facing me and Ikaro, the general manager of LWA, promised him an opportunity if he joined him. I advised him not to do it and he did not accept my advice. That's when we became enemies. The rivalry ended in Reyes de la Lucha Libre VI where I defeated Mansilla. It was the hardest match I've ever had. 2016 was a very good year because I defeated Apocalipsis and Mansilla, although I could not get the title because Mansilla had lost it before facing me. 

Then I left LWA and went to Imperio. There are some problems between the administrations of LWA and Empire, but I would have no problem returning to LWA. I usually go to their shows because there are several wrestlers there who are my friends. LWA has been my home for many years. I would not have any problem in returning to fight in LWA although they have not proposed anything to me nor I have rejected anything. 

8) 2017 was an important year. You competed in Imperio that had a historic debut show with 6,000 spectators. You faced many foreign wrestlers and competed in Chile with Mansilla in 5 Luchas Clandestino. What is your balance of this year?

Bad Boy Jr: The trip to Chile helped us grow and learn a lot. It was my first time competing outside of Peru. We competed in a tag team tournament and got to the final where we lost to Al Cold and Gear Jack. It was a great experience.

9) What are your expectations and goals for this year?

Bad Boy Jr: I want to forget about Apocalipsis, but I know that he will not stay calm and he will want to continue facing me. My goal is to climb positions in Imperio and get the South American Championship, which now holds Ricky Marvin. I hope to travel again to Chile to continue learning more. I hope that Imperio has more shows. It is important that there are more shows. It is an uncertain future this year. I do not know what this year will bring me, but I want to continue growing luchistically.

10) What was the best match you have had in your career so far?

Bad Boy Jr: My match against Mansilla in Reyes de la Lucha Libre VI.

11) Who are the wrestlers that were or are important influences for you?

Bad Boy Jr: I liked Neville a lot before entering WWE. I also like Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries and Kenta. I also like Finn Bálor a lot since he was Prince Devitt. I recognize the talent of Apocalipsis and everything he has done for wrestling in Peru. On the other hand, I think Alejandro 'XL' Saez is the best wrestler in Chile and all of South America. 

12) What wrestler would you like to face?

Bad Boy Jr: I do not want to face any particular wrestler. I only care about facing someone with whom I can have a great match and entertain the public. It would be interesting to face someone very well known, but I do not give much importance. 

13) Do you watch WWE programming regularly or from another company?

Bad Boy Jr: I watch very little wrestling. I watch WWE programming very little. I only watch classic matches sporadically. I do not watch the shows of any company regularly. I have always preferred to practice sports rather than watch it.

14) What is the anecdote of your career that you remember the most?

Bad Boy Jr: In Chile after the end of the tag team tournament against Al Cold and Engranaje Jack the four of us raised the trophy together leaving the differences aside. All the spectators applauded us.

Xose Merant
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