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MLW Filthy Island Results: NJPW star scores big win; Chaotic end to the show

Filthy Island Full Show
Lee Walker
Modified 18 Feb 2021
Filthy Island Full ShowFilthy Tom Lawlor and Dan LambertDominik Garrini Fight Challenge

MLW Fusion was off this week, and Tom Lawlor's Filthy Island took place instead. A video package started showing Lawlor on the phone with someone and he appeared to be frustrated. Dominik Garrini walked up to Lawlor after the call, and the call was over catering not having spam.

No-show openers for Filthy Island, as Tom Lawlor and Dan Lambert, were this week's announcers. Lambert was not happy as he let us know that they were on Kevin Von Erich's estate after being promised to be on beautiful beaches.

MLW Filthy Island Match One: Dominik Garrini Prize Fight In Paradise

Dominik Garrini Fight Challenge
Prize Fight in Paradise

The first match of the night for Filthy Island was a prize fight open to any competitor. Dominik Garrini came to the ring with a bag of money, and Filthy Island used the radio to play music entrances.

Dominik started the match by offering Mauna Loa spam, yes, spam. Loa is a big boy, and this match was extremely short.


Dominik would throw his opponent in a headlock and lock him into a rear-naked choke causing Mauna Loa to tap out in under forty seconds.

Winner: Dominik Garrini

Grade: N/A

MLW Filthy Island: L.A. Park announcement

During the Los Parks promo, L.A. Park made it known that he wants Alexander Hammerstone's MLW National Openweight Championship.

MLW Filthy Island Match Two: Kevin Ku vs. Zenshi

Zenshi came out of nowhere to get the upper hand on Kevin Ku with a 450 splash from the large tree next to the ring. This led to Ku rolling to the outside as Zenshi attempted a Shooting Star press. Ku would move, but Zenshi would land on his feet!


With the action back in the ring, Zenshi's kick was blocked by Kevin Ku. Zenshi attempted an enziguri, but Kevin Ku reversed it into a vicious Dragon Screw Leg Lock.

While Zenshi had the upper hand, he went for a neckbreaker, but Kevin Ku reversed Zenshi's offense against him, and put Zenshi away with a Dragon Suplex.

It's worth noting that this is Zenshi's third straight loss.

Your Winner: Kevin Ku

Grade: A

MLW Filthy Island Match - Three Azteca Jungle Fight: Mil Muertes vs. Savio Vega

Savio Vega vs. Mil Muertes
Savio Vega vs. Mil Muertes

Rich Bocchini and Jason St. Laurent called this match in the jungle. Savio Vega would stand face-to-face with Salina de la Renta before Mil Muetres attacked him from behind. Moments later, something happened to the feed, and it cut out.

The feed came back on after Loco and Romero's match. The feed had issues cutting in and out. It was an all-out brawl of chops and punches. The feed was cut out again to Contra. It turned out to be about Jordan Oliver taking on Contra's Jacob Fatu.

For a third time, the match came back after Alicia Atout announced MLW's schedule through March. Savio Vega had been choked by a vien held by Mil Muertes. Vega held a crowbar, but during his attack, dropped it. Meurtes grabbed the crowbar and hit Vega with it, ending the match. Later, Mil Meurtes started digging a grave.

Your Winner: Mil Meurtes

Grade: C

MLW Filthy Island Interview: Alicia Atout interviews TJP

Alicia Atout interviews TJP
Alicia Atout interviews TJP

During the TJP interview, Atout began asking the hard questions. For the third week in a row, her guest walked off the interview after she referred to TJP bullying Bu Ku Dao.

MLW Filthy Island Match Four: Gringo Loco vs. NJPW's Rocky Romero

The lack of ropes and high flying turned out to not be an issue for this match.

Rocky Romero hit a hurricanrana to Gringo Loco who had been outside the ring. While you would think no ropes would be an issue, both men still showed that was not a problem as Romero needed a breather after taking a baseball slide from Loco. While Loco was inside the ring, he put a swanton bomb on Romero, who was seated on a recliner that was ringside for VIP seats. They were specially meant for Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone.


The offense would shift back and forth. Gringo Loco had a kick blocked by Romero but was able to improvise it into an enziguiri.

The match ended when Rocky Romero smashed a big knee into the face of Grinco Loco. Romero then followed the knee with a Torando DDT using the ring post as leverage to end the match.

Your Winner: NJPW's Rocky Romero

Grade: A

MLW Filthy Island Main Event: King Mo vs. Low Ki

King Mo vs Low Ki
King Mo vs Low Ki

King Mo didn't waste any time attacking Low Ki's knee. At one point, King Mo picked Low Ki up and slammed him knee first onto the mat.

King Mo had all the offense until the end of the match. King Mo looked as if he would end the match, but Low Ki stopped that from happening and locked in a submission manuever while on top of King Mo's shoulders. Tom Lawlor had to think at that point no ring ropes were a bad idea as King Mo would tap out in under two minutes.

Winner: Low Ki

Grade: C

After the match on MLW Filthy Island, Tom Lawlor with Dominik Garrini and Kevin Ku jumped Low Ki in the ring. Out of nowhere, The Von Erichs showed up and they took care of Team Filthy to end Filthy Island. Tom Lawlor would find himself tossed onto The Von Erichs' Jeep by Low Ki, breaking the windshield, and ending the Filthy Island show.

Next week, there will be no MLW Fusion. Instead of airing, in its place is the return of MLW Underground showing past MLW talents like Steve Chrino, CM Punk and more!

Published 18 Feb 2021, 10:02 IST
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