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MLW Fusion Results (December 16th, 2020):Β  Winners, Grades, and Video highlights

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Lee Walker
Modified 17 Dec 2020, 10:32 IST

MLW Fusion kicked off this week with Alicia Atout attempting to interview Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday as they pulled up to the arena.

When Holliday and Hammerstone got out of their car, they were met by Contra's Sentai Death Squad. Hammerstone and Holliday made quick work of the Contra's Sentai Death Squad. After this, the show opener started playing.

Color commentator for MLW Fusion was Rich Bocchini who was joined by Jared St. Laurent breaking down a preview of tonight's MLW Fusion.

MLW Fusion match one: LA Park Jr. vs. Bu Ku Dao

Double debut on MLW Fusion
Double debut on MLW Fusion

Bu Ku Dao and LA Park Jr. were both making their debut in MLW Fusion tonight. Dao came down to the ring with TJP (who is also in IMPACT Wrestling). Dao's trained as a Sanshou fighter and in kickboxing. He's five foot three with a lot to prove in MLW.

LA Park Jr.'s was making his MLW Fusion debut tonight as well. LA Park Jr. is part of the faction, Los Parks. LA Park Jr., as well as Los Parks, were part of AAA in Mexico.Β 

LA Park Jr. came out first with members of his faction and then Bu Ku Dao and his mentor TJP come out next. Commentary takes notice that Bu Ku Dao is only five feet tall and that LA Park Jr. is 6'2.

LA Park Jr. took control early on by making Dao believe as if someone from Los Parks was about to interfere. Dao was distracted long enough and LA Park Jr. used it to his advantage.


Dao would be rolled back into the ring, and the two men exchanged chops and blows. Dao would take an unintentional low blow and roll to the outside. LA Park Jr. would not give Dao time to recover and hit a suicide dive on the outside.

The pace of the match began to really pick up after LA Park Jr.'s dive. LA Park Jr. would hit an impressive Alabama Slam. However, Dao retaliated by hitting an impressive swinging flatliner using LA Park Jr.'s own momentum against him.


Bu Ku Dao would go for the pin but only get a two-count. LA Park Jr. would get Dao in a guillotine chokehold. TJP jumped up to the apron and distracted the referee, but quickly jumped back to not cost his friend Bu Ku Dao the match. Dao would get his hands free, and roll LA Park Jr. in a small package for the victory.

After the match, Los Parks were in the face of the referee over the count.

Winner: Bu Ku Dao defeats LA Park Jr. via pinfall.

Grade: B

MLW Fusion Promos

As we edge closer to the main event of the night with ACH taking on Tom Lawlor, both men discussed tonight's match and going into the finals of The Opera Cup.

Injustice's Jordan Oliver makes it clear that he wants Contra's Simon Gotch for taking out Kotto Brazil! After this, we're back to our second match of the night!

MLW Fusion Match Two: Mads Krugger vs. Ben Heavy & Daniel Sterling

Mads Krugger vs. two mystery opponents
Mads Krugger vs. two mystery opponents

Krugger is not just taking on one, but two mystery opponents in a handicap match.

The look on Ben Heavy and Daniel Sterling when Krugger entered the ring said it all as they knew they were in trouble before the bell even rang.

Heavy charged at Krugger and was met with a punch that almost landed him outside the ring. Krugger picked Heavy up, and Sterling charged at Krugger. But Krugger took him down.

Krugger tossed Heavy into the turnbuckles and did the same with Sterling. While Heavy was down on the ground in the corner turnbuckle, Krugger smashed Sterling into his partner multiple times!

Krugger scooped up Sterling onto his shoulder and him Sterling with a running powerslam onto his partner in the corner.


After this onslaught, Krugger had Heavy on his back in front of him. Krugger then picked up Sterling for his finishing move, but instead of landing on the mat, Sterling landed on up of his partner Heavy.

Winner: Mads Krugger defeat Heavy and Streling via pinfall.

Grade: A

MLW Fusion: Alexander Hammerstone's return is cancelled

Hammerstone returns!
Hammerstone returns!

All help broke loose backstage between Contra Unit and Alexander Hammerstone. Fighting ensued in the parking lot with Alicia Atout giving an update. As a result, at Kings of Colosseum, Alexander Hammerstone will face Mads Krugger. However, due to the brawl, Alexander Hammerstone's MLW Fusion return was cancelled.

MLW Fusion & Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top Ten

MLW and Pro Wrestling Illustrated have teamed up to giving fans the MLW Fusion top ten superstar rankings. Here is the Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the MLW Fusion top ten:


10. Mads Krugger

9. Calvin Tankman

8. Richard Holliday

7. Laredo Kid

6. ACH

5. Myron Reed

4. LA Park

3. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

2. Low Ki

1.Alexander Hammerstone

Salina De Le Renta summons Mil Muertus!!!

Salina is in the Aztec Ruins. People have forgotten how powerful she really is. She's stared evil in the face and it stared back. MIL MUERTES IS COMING TO MLW!

MLW Fusion Main Event, Opera Cup Semi-Final Match: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs. ACH

Whoever wins this is moving on to The Opera Cup finals to face Low Ki. This is the MLW Fusion main event for the night. The match started in a very technical fashion.

In an earlier promo, ACH said that he had changed his style of wrestling for this match tonight, and it seemed to throw Lawlor off.Β 

To avoid being thrown into the ropes, ACH would cartwheel out and turn it right into an impressive dropkick.Β This gave ACH the momentum he needed as Lawlor was dominant during the beginning of the match.


Lawlor would regain momentum with a fast, hard elbow to the face of ACH. However, he wouldn't be on the offense for too long. Once ACH was in the corner, Lawlor went for a running attack but was met with a big boot to the face instead. This was followed by some superkicks and some Ahmad Johnson shade with the Pearl River Plonge double underhook powerbomb.Β 

Lawlor would regain offense locking on his rear-naked choke, but ACH was able to break free multiple times. Another shift in offense would occur one last time for ACH. Hewas perched on the top rope on a downed Lawlor.

ACH went for a big splash but was met with Lawlor's knees instead. Lawlor would simultaneously roll up ACH in a small package for the victory.


Winner: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor defeat ACH via pinfall.

Grade: A

Be sure to tune into SK Wrestling every Wednesday for MLW Fusion results, and grades.

Published 17 Dec 2020, 10:32 IST
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