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MLW Fusion Results (December 9th, 2020): Winners, Grades and Video highlights

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What a night
Lee Walker
Modified 10 Dec 2020

MLW opened up tonight's show with a video package from CONTRA Unit developing new soldiers and set on destroying The Von Erichs with Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch wanting to take the MLW Tag Team Belts off the champs tonight. 

The ring announcers open the show breaking down tonight's show as The Von Erichs take on Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch. Also in action tonight in the semi-finals for The Opera Cup is Richard Holliday as he takes on Low Ki.

Match One on MLW Fusion: Calvin Tankman vs. Zenchi

Calvin Tankman has the size and strength of a tank and moves like a Lamborghini. Zenchi attempted to have offense, but at 172lbs, his strikes and dropkicks had zero effect on Tankman. 

Zenchi ran off the ropes but was met an impressive spinning wheel kick from Tankman. 

Zenchi would get some offense rolling for himself, but all that came to an end when Zenchi went for a 450 splash on a standing Tankman.

Tankman would nail Zenchi with a European roundhouse elbow that dropped Zenchi like a bad habit. After, Tankman would hit his opponent with the Tankman Driver for the victory.

Result: Tankman defeat Zenchi via pinfall

After the match, Tankman would have a promo letting MLW know he meant what he said and he is in MLW to fight the best in the world and test himself against the best in the world.


Grade: A

Calvin Tankman talks MLW debut, praise from Court Bauer & more - YouTube

After Tankman's post-match promo, we cut to a series of promos. The first promo was video highlights of Richard Holliday and Low Ki's matches in the 2020 Opera Cup as tonight's semi-final bout had both of the men locking horns.

The next promo was, "Where in the world is Selena De La Renta." Selena is somewhere in Mexico's Aztec ruins as she seeks out to summon Pascal Mendoza, a man who seeks revenge.


Match two on MLW Fusion: Violence is Forever vs. Dugan & Martyr 

Team filthy is next as "Filthy" Tom Lawlor introduces Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini. Not going to lie, after the beatings Dugan and Martyr have taken since MLW's The Restart, we're shocked to see them walking.

This was a fast match Ku hit an impressive slingshot suplex with shades of old school HBK when that was his finishing move before using Sweet Chin Music. 


Garrini and Ku dominated the match with little to no offense from their opponents. Garrini would be tagged in and lift his opponent up with Ku in the ring and hit their finishing move of a roundhouse kick by Ku mixed with a brainbuster by Garrini.

Result: Violence is Forever defeated Dugan & Martyr

Grade: C

After the match, we go to promos. The first featured Low Ki on his match with Richard Holliday tonight in The 2020 Opera Cup. Both men looked very impressive last week against their opponents. Low Ki defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr while Holliday beat TJP to advance into the tournament semi-finals. Low Ki talks about his strategy for tonight's match.

In an exclusive, Lionel Green, formerly known as Lio Rush, says he makes the shots and does not wrestle according to Myron Reed. So the December 23rd match will not happen.

However, Green tells MLW CEO Court Bauer to draw the paperwork up for a match sometime in January next year.


Alicia Atout interviewed Alexander Hammerstone who was attacked at MLW The Restart by Mads Krugger. Hammerstone makes it known, he wants Krugger.

Opera Cup Semi-Finals on MLW Fusion: Low Ki vs. Richard Holliday

Holliday would make his entrance first. Holliday left his AirPods next to the Opera Cup trophy. When Low Ki made his entrance, he stared at the cup. Then, with the swoop of his hand, there went Holliday's AirPods to the floor.

Both men in this match showed off their strengths as Low Ki demonstrated just how fast he is, and Holliday showed he's no slouch keeping up with Low Ki's speed and matching it with his strength.


Low Ki showed just how fast he is when Holliday Irish whipped him and went for a hip toss, but he reversed it into a roll-up and popped up for a double foot stomp onto Holliday's chest.

Holliday would retaliate with an onslaught on Low Ki. Holliday would Irish whip Low Ki again into the ropes and delivered an impressive pop-up powerbomb, but fell short of getting the victory.

Low Ki would regain momentum, and find his way perched on the top rope. While Holliday was down, Low Ki hit his finishing move, the double foot stomp, and his feet landed perfectly on Holliday's chest. Low Ki would score the pinfall and advance to The 2020 Opera Cup Finals!


Result: Low Ki defeat Richard Holliday via pinfall

Grade: A.

MLW Fusion Main Event: CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch) vs. The Von Erichs

This match started fast, hot, and heavy. Gotch was in the corner on the ground taking a massive corner dropkick from Russ Von Erich within the first fifteen seconds.

Unfortunately for Gotch, he took most of the beating in the match for the Contra unit. With Marshall Von Erich in the ring, Gotch took a big discus lariat.

The match ended when Marshall Von Erich was able to put the claw onto Simon Gotch on the outside of the ring and slammed him through a ring board!


Sadly, referee Larry Peace couldn't keep the peace as Team Filthy came out and attacked The Von Erichs before the match was over. When it comes to The Von Erichs, CONTRA Unit, and Team Filthy, there is a lot of bad blood. The match ended when Team Filthy came out to attack. "Filthy Tom Lawlor and Violence is Forever attacked the Von Erichs as MLW: Fusion went off air.

Result: DNF

Grade: N/A

Published 10 Dec 2020, 09:42 IST
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