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MLW Fusion Results: Top Champion attacked; Daivari makes in-ring debut

What a night on MLW Fusion
What a night on MLW Fusion
Lee Walker
Modified 18 Feb 2021

MLW Fusion commentary team of Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent opened the show and announced that ACH was attacked outside of his gym earlier in the week. Bocchini said there were rumors of Team Filthy being involved in the attack.

The first match of the night saw Daivari make his MLW debut.

MLW Fusion Match One: Contra Unit Member Daivari vs. Zenshi

Daivari debuts on MLW Fusion
Daivari debuts on MLW Fusion

Daivari first appeared in the company on MLW Kings of Colosseum alongside Contra Unit attacking Injustice. This middleweight bout started with Larry Peace as the referee.

Zenshi has been seen on MLW Fusion, but he has not won a match since The Restart event. Daivari looked to be in the best shape of his career. He did his best to keep Zenshi from performing any high flying moves. He focused on Zenshi's arm as Daivari hit his opponent with a Hammerlock bodyslam.

Zenshi showed off his high flying ability with seated 450 to a standing Daivari and following it up with a Twist-O-Whirl Slam.

Zenshi put up some great offense with a leaping neckbreaker. However, his follow up to a middle rope 450 splash didn't land as Daivari got his knees up to stop the move. Daivari finished him off with a Hammerlock Clothesline to Zenshi and scored the pin.


Result: Daivari wins via pinfall.

Grade: B

MLW Fusion Promo: Savio Vega

Yes, you're reading that right, SAVIO VEGA! Vega challenged Richard Holliday to a Caribbean Strap Match for the Caribbean Championship. Will Holliday accept?

MLW Fusion Match Two: Jordan Oliver vs. Contra Unit Member Simon Gotch

This match was scheduled a few times before but never happened due to the Contra Unit attacking Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed. This would be seen again at MLW Kings of Colosseum.


These two held nothing back. The first 40 seconds were just both men throwing strikes until Gotch hit a back suplex on Oliver.

Oliver went for the baseball slide on Gotch. However, he would miss and end up on the ground and Gotch hit a devastating elbow drop from the apron.

Gotch hit a massive knee to the head of Oliver, knocking him down instantly. Gotch would showcase his submission skills, but Oliver's reach allowed him to get to the ropes quickly.

Oliver looked impressive as he hit a big boot onto Simon Gotch. However, he would only get a two count.


Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for Oliver as he became victim to Gotch's chokehold and was out cold. Simon Gotch would pick up the victory.

Result: Simon Gotch wins via submission.

Grade: B

MLW Fusion Interview: Alicia Atout with "Team Filthy"

Tom Lawlor
Tom Lawlor

Alicia Atout interviewed “Team Filthy” members Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, and Kevin Ku. Lawlor spoke about Filthy Island. He said he didn’t give a damn about ACH. Lawlor never admitted to attacking ACH, but he didn't deny it either.

MLW Fusion Interview: Salina de la Renta

Alicia Atout and Salina de la Renta have been at odds with each other, and this interview showed it!


Salina de la Renta avoided Alicia Atout's question, and Salina said that she wants the gold and the power. Salina ended the interview abruptly and walked off.

MLW Fusion Promo: Richard Holliday accepts match versus Savio Vega

Richard Holliday played a video beating Savio Vega for the Caribbean Championship. Holliday would accept Savio Vega's offer to face him in a strap match next week on MLW Fusion. The next episode will also have Mads Krugger facing Alexander Hammerstone in a bare-knuckle fight!

MLW Fusion Main Event: Jacob Fatu vs. ACH

ACH had his ribcage taped up for this match. Bocchini thought that Team Filthy had softened up ACH via their attack, and this could be a slaughter.

Laurent recalled Team Filthy's issues with the Von Erichs and said with ACH being a Texan was going to draw their attention towards. Is Laurent hinting at a Team Filthy vs. Von Erichs feud on MLW Fusion? We will have to wait and see.


Contra Unit leader Jacob Fatu came out with the faction's newest member, Daivari. Fatu dominated the first minute of the match, focusing on the ribcage of ACH. While in the corner, Fatu went to Irish whip ACH across the ring. However, ACH would do a cartwheel back handspring dropkick, knocking the champion off his feet.

Though ACH gave Jacob Fatu a run for his money, it wasn't enough for ACH to pick up the victory. Fatu would hit a pop up Samoan Driver, followed by his finisher for the win.

Result: Jacob Fatu wins via pinfall.


After the match, Fatu and Daivari delivered a brief promo on the stage. The Sentai Death Squad duo from the ring entrance hit Fatu and Daivari with their flags.

Simon Gotch and Mads Krugger ran out while the Death Squad ran away. The two men unmasked and revealed themselves to be Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed to end MLW Fusion.

Grade: A

Published 21 Jan 2021, 10:18 IST
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