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MLW Fusion Results: New Champions crowned; Low Ki sets impressive record

MLW Fusion lineup
MLW Fusion lineup
Lee Walker
Modified 21 Jan 2021, 10:18 IST

Last week, it was announced Salina de la Renta would run MLW Fusion this week as the Executive Producer. This was announced during MLW's Kings of Colosseum when Salina de la Renta interrupted the announce team and said that she will be the executive producer of MLW Fusion this week.

While on air for Kings of Colosseum, she announced that she made a deal with Los Parks and the group will receive a shot at the Tag Team Championships against The Von Erichs on this week's episode. In exchange, they would have to align with Salina de la Renta. Salina wasn't finished as she also announced that in the same match, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, will be the special guest referee.

During this broadcast, Salina also let Konnan know that she has a surprise for him as well. Could it be Mil Muertes? MLW announced on Monday that Muertes would make his MLW debut.

Lastly, Salina and Alicia Atout have been going back and forth on Twitter. As a result of this banter, she banned Atout from any MLW meetings happening before the Fusion episode.

MLW Fusion kicked off with an opening video for the Salina de la Renta produced edition. Salina stood with Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent's broadcast team and boasted about producing the show and claimed it would be the highest rated. After that, Salina broke down the matches for MLW Fusion tonight.

MLW Fusion Match One: Low Ki vs. Budd Heavy

The announce team of Rich Bocchini and Jason St. Laurent made it known that Low Ki was in a bad mood after losing to "Filthy" Tom Lawlor in the Opera Cup finals. You could see it on his face as he made his way to the ring.

The match didn't last long. As soon as the bell rang, Low Ki charged Budd Heavy and knocked him out with a charging elbow. The referee would call the match in eight seconds! This was a new MLW record for the fastest match.


After the match, Low Ki cut a promo on the ramp of MLW Fusion letting King Mo know that he and his crew might have got the better of him in their last meeting but, "The party ain't over."

Winner: Low Ki defeats Budd Heavy via knockout.

Grade: A

After a video promo from the new MLW Middleweight Champion, Lio Rush, the camera cut back to the announce team. They let fans know Konnan was supposed to join them, but haven't heard from him in a few days. After that, Salina de la Renta shows up once again and demanded that some footage should be shown. Salina made it clear that she is going after everyone who had wronged her in MLW.


MLW Fusion Match Two: Mil Muertes with Salina De La Renta vs. Brian Pillman Jr

Mil Muertes made his debut tonight on MLW Fusion with Salina de la Renta by his side. Already in the ring with referee Larry Peace Jr is Mil Muertes's opponent, Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman Jr. went back into the ring and avoids numerous lockups with Mil Muertes. He put in a headlock but was thrown into the ropes and met with Mil Muertes' shoulder and rolled right out of the ring.

He would roll back into the ring and exchanged chops. After taking a chop from Muertes, Pillman Jr. was met with a big clothesline. 


Muertes dominated most of the match. Muertes went to hit a quick power slam onto Pillman Jr, and it looked like his opponent landed on his head. Muertes continued his onslaught the rest of the match and hit his finishing move, "Straight to Hell."

Winner: Mil Muertes defeat Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall.

Grade: B.

MLW Fusion Main Event: The Von Erichs vs. Los Parks with Salina De La Renta

This match between The Von Erichs and Los Parks was made at the Kings of Colosseum event. LA Park said he would retire if he didn't get a shot at the gold. Salina, knowing she'd be the executive producer of MLW Fusion this week, made the deal to get Los Parks a tag team title shot.

Tom Lawlor made his way to the ring first. He is the special guest referee for the MLW Fusion main event. In a promo earlier in the night, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor said he would call the match straight down the middle.


The Los Parks made their way to the ring with Salina de la Renta and someone in a suit who was with her earlier in the night. The Von Erichs come out next and got jumped right away by the Los Parks.

Taking his job seriously, Lawlor managed to get the MLW tag team belts and raise them, indicating a championship defense was underway as Los Parks continued to beat down The Von Erichs on MLW Fusion.

In the middle of the match, Hijo De La Park turned his back on Ross Von Erich to dance in true Park fashion. However, when Park ran off the ropes, he was met by a big superkick from Ross Von Erich. Ross followed the superkick up with a beautiful falcon arrow.

LA Park would show too but in a much better way. LA Park hit a fantastic suicide dive to Marshall on the outside. The Von Erichs had to kick out extra fast tonight as Tom Lawlor had counted a tad fast tonight for Los Parks on MLW Fusion.


At one point, both Ross and Marshall and had the Los Parks in roll-ups. Tom Lawlor went for double counts. When he got to two, he got a pain in the wrist and stopped counting. Los Parks hit small packages on The Von Erichs and was again met with a fast count by the special guest referee. However, both of them kicked out at two.

The Von Erichs confronted Lawlor and Ross Von Erich had Hijo De La Park with the Claw Slam. Ross held Hijo De La Park for the count, but special guest referee Tom Lawlor was still on the outside.

Ross held Hijo De La Park in the claw until Salina de la Renta sprayed mace in his eyes. Marshall checked on Ross but was met with a spear from LA Park. From under the ring, LA Park Jr. came into the ring and hit Ross with a knee strike that allowed LA Park to hit him with a spear. LA Park would cover Ross, and Lawlor made a fast three-count on MLW Fusion.

Winner: Los Parks defeat The Von Erichs via pinfall.


Grade: A

MLW Fusion closed out with The Los Parks and Salina de la Renta celebrating in the ring. Salina truly made word on her promise that this would be the best MLW Fusion yet.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 10:32 IST
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