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MLW Kings of Colosseum Results: New Champion crowned; Chaotic end to main event 

MLW Kings of Colosseum
MLW Kings of Colosseum
Lee Walker
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 11:05 IST

MLW held its first pay per view of 2021 and it was free via the company's YouTube page. There were three championships on the line tonight. #Injustice member and MLW Middleweight champion, Myron Reed took on former WWE Superstar, Lio Rush.

Fans also saw Alexander Hammerstone defend his MLW Open-Weight Championship against the newest Contra Unit member, Mads Krugger. The MLW Tag Team Championship was also on the line in a Bunkhouse match as The Von Erichs squared off against The Dirty Blondes. Finally, in a grudge match, Jordan Oliver took on Contra Unit member, Simon Gotch. 

Match one: Von Erichs vs The Dirty Blondes with Aria Blake at MLW Kings of Colosseum

The Von Erichs take on The Dirty Blondes
The Von Erichs take on The Dirty Blondes

The Dirty Blondes made their way to the ring first holding a rope with a cowbell. The Von Erichs came out next, and this match started with all four men attacking each other.

It didn't take long for the match to spill into the locker room and even outside the building! Marshell Von Erich came close to taking a piledriver outside of the ring, as his brother Ross took a low blow from The Dirty Blondes manager Aria Blake.

Once this match got back into the ring, The Von Erichs locked in their Hammer Claw with a backdrop finisher and got the victory. This match was full of brute force action but ended rather quickly. 


Result: The Von Erichs defeat the Dirty Blonde via pinfall.

Grade: B

After the match, The Von Erichs announced that they have a contract for an open match against anybody in the future in MLW.

Announcers let everyone know that Simon Gotch is missing but assured fans that Contra might have something up their sleeve. Announcers let the fans know that the match between Simon Gotch and Jordan Oliver was now postponed.

I had interviewed Jordan Oliver before the pay-per-view and this is what he had to say about tonight going into MLW's Kings of Colosseum.


Match two: Myron Reed vs. Lio Rush for the MLW Middleweight Championship

Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed for the Middleweight championship
Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed for the Middleweight championship

Lio Rush made his way to the ring first. This match had a lot of buildup as it was Rush's first bout in MLW.

The match started slowly but it didn't take long before both started using high flying moves. Rush hit Reed with a springboard off the ropes to force the champion to the outside.

Rush would next hit a suicide dive through the middle rope. Rush had the upper hand early on and hit a low 540 kick but only got a two count.


Reed would gain control of the match and hit a huge dive over the top rope. Reed whipped Rush back into the ring and hit a big springboard spinning elbow drop which he calls the Louisville Slugger.

The match started going back and forth, and Rush hit an Asai moonsault outside onto Reed.

Reed would hit his inside out cutter to the outside with Rush's face hitting hard on the outside.


Rush was rolled into the ring by the champ and and he proceeded to hit the 450 splash. Rush would kick out at two and hit a springboard stunner. After the stunner, Rush hit The Final Hour Frogsplash and won the match.

Result: Lio Rush defeats Myron Reed via pinfall.

Grade: A+

After the match, Lio Rush cut a promo saying that he's the MLW Middleweight champion, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Salena De La Renta announced that she will be the executive producer for next week's MLW Fusion. She said that the main event on the show next Wednesday will be Los Parks vs The Von Erichs for the MLW Tag Team Championships and "Filthy" Tom Lawlor will be the special guest referee.


The next promo we saw was Myron Reed reflecting on his loss tonight alongside Jordan Oliver. Reed would cut a promo about his match, and Contra Unit with new member, Daivari, would attack him and Jordan Oliver.

Match three: National Openweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Mads Krügger at MLW Kings Of Colosseum

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Mads Krugger is MLW Kings of Colosseum main event
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Mads Krugger is MLW Kings of Colosseum main event

As Hammerstone was making his way to the ring, Krügger didn't wait and met him at the entrance ramp. The two men started trading punches immediately.

Both moen would eventually make their way to the ring. Hammerstone would hit an impressive belly-to-belly suplex on Mads Krügger and followed it up with a Pumphandle Suplex.

Hammerstone would take this match to the outside. However, the referee would call the match on Hammerstone and Krügger as he was unable to control both men. Hammerstone and Krügger would run into the cameraman causing some difficulties with the camera.


Result: DNF

Grade: N/A

Published 07 Jan 2021, 11:05 IST
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