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MLW Never Say Never Results: Huge interference in title match; Myron Reed gets big win

MLW Never Say Never Card
MLW Never Say Never Card
Lee Walker
Modified 01 Apr 2021

There was no Fusion this week and MLW Never Say Never took place instead. The event had three fantastic matches on the card.

All Contra Unit members squared off against those of Injustice. Jordan Oliver took on Simon Gotch while Myron Reed locked horns with Daivari.

The main event saw the MLW World Heavyweight Championship on the line as Contra Unit leader Jacob Fatu defended the title against Calvin Tankman.

MLW Never Say Never kicked off with Jacob Fatu's promo on Calvin Tankman. A show opener to Never Say Never played, displaying videos of the feud between Contra Unit and Injustice.

The commentary team for this event was Jared St. Laurent with Ray Flores. Both men went over the card before match one.

Never Say Never Match One: Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver

MLW Never Say Never Match One: Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch
MLW Never Say Never Match One: Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch

The first match of MLW Never Say Never, was Injustice member Jordan Oliver taking on Simon Gotch. Gotch came out first, and commentary made it known that the Contra Unit member has always had the upper hand over Oliver in matches.


Gotch had taken advantage of his jiu-jitsu experience against Oliver. The match saw a lot of technical wrestling involved in it from the get-go.

This continued till Gotch hit Oliver in the face with a knee. Once the Injustice member was back up, Gotch went back to technical wrestling.

Simon Gotch had Oliver well scouted. While on the outside of the ring, Gotch saw Oliver go towards the ropes. Knowing his opponent would go for a dive, Simon slid back into the ring.


Oliver came back in and went for a blind back dive but was met with Gotch's forearm. Simon followed it up with a fast roundhouse kick.

Oliver rolled to the outside of the ring. Gotch caught his breath and went right back on the attack. MLW has a 20-count, so the Contra Unit member had time before he rolled Oliver back into the ring.

Gotch attempted to hit his finishing move seven minutes into the match, but Oliver blocked it with a huge DDT.

Oliver and Gotch traded strikes back and forth. Both men exchanged flying forearms until Oliver hit a clothesline.

Oliver went for the cutter, and Gotch got him in a chokehold. Oliver reversed out of the hold and hit the Clout Cutter.


Winner: Jordan Oliver

Grade: A

MLW Never Say Never Announcements

During MLW Never Say Never, Ray Flore announced Alicia Atout was conducting an interview later with Richard Holliday and Gino Medina.

MLW announces partnership with Dragon Gate

During the Never Say Never event, MLW and Dragon Gate announced a working partnership.

Never Say Never Match Two: Daivari vs. Myron Reed

MLW Never Say Never Match Two: Daivari vs. Myron Reed
MLW Never Say Never Match Two: Daivari vs. Myron Reed

The second match of MLW Never Say Never was Daivari taking on Myron Reed. Daivari came out first, and Myron Reed followed.


Flores noted Reed waved his rematch against Lio Rush to get payback on Contra Unit.

Myron took to the air within the first thirty seconds of the match, hitting a suicide dive on Daivari.

The match stayed outside as the referee Larry Peace Jr had to tell Daivari to bring his opponent back into the ring.

Daivari manhandled Reed inside the ring. He threw Myron back to the outside of the ring.

The Contra Unit member attempted to hit a piledriver, but Reed reversed with a back body drop on the hardwood floor and followed it with dive off the speakers.

The match was again brought back into the ring to avoid a double count-out. Daivari locked in a Figure Four leglock on Reed, but the latter was able to get to the ropes.


Reed regained the momentum with a slingshot backdrop. He went to the outside of the ring, and Daivari followed him and was met with a leg drop that brought the Contra Unit member to the ground. Reed hit a springboard leg drop for a two-count.

Daivari would take Reed's vest off and put it on, and attempted to hit a splashing dive off the top rope. Reed moved and avoided the splash. Reed hit the No Cap Splash to pin Daivari.

Winner: Myron Reed


Grade: A

MLW Never Say Never Promos and Announcements

During MLW Never Say Never, Alexander Hammerstone cut a promo on Mil Muertes for stealing his MLW National Openweight Championship.

Alicia Atout's interview during MLW Never Say Never with Richard Holliday and Gino Medina did not go as planned. In the end, Atout announced Medina vs. Holliday for the Caribbean Championship on April 14th.

Never Say Never Main Event MLW Championship Match: (C) Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman

MLW Never Say Never Main Event Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman
MLW Never Say Never Main Event Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman

Before the MLW Never Say Never the main event, Jared St Laurent broke down Jacob Fatu's stats in his matches.

Announcers made it known Fatu has pinned all his opponents as MLW Champion. Tankman came out first, followed by MLW Champion Jacob Fatu. The former is currently undefeated in MLW.


Tankman got a headlock and came off the ropes, as both men crashed into each other. Both men came off the ropes, and Tankman sent Fatu out of the ring with a massive shoulder tackle.

Tankman showed off his in-ring ability with a springboard arm drag and followed it with a dropkick.

Fatu showed he could fly as a heavyweight and hit a springboard and superkicked Tankman while he was down. Fatu hit a Samoan drop but only got a two-count. Fatu loosened his wrist tape and choked Tankman with it.


Fatu stayed on Tankman's throat and was headbutting him. While in the corner, Calvin received a cannonball from Jacob, and the champ followed it up with a superkick.

Fatu began to strike Tankman, but the challenger absorbed the punches, and both men started exchanging right hands.

Tankman hit a diving shoulder that drove Fatu outside. The challenger hit a suicide dive on Fatu and brought the champ back inside. Tankman hit a Standing Shooting Star press and went for the pin but only received a two-count.

Tankman attempted a stunner, but Fatu blocked it and hit his opponent with a superkick and hit a Handspring Moonsault on the challenger. Tankman turned Fatu inside out with a massive clothesline but only got a two-count.

Daivari interfered in the match. As the referee dealt with the interference, Fatu used the Contra Flag and hit Tankman with it. With his opponent down, Fatu hit his moonsault and retained the title.

Winner: MLW Champion Jacob Fatu


Grade: A+

MLW Never Say Never ended with Contra Unit Celebrating as Jacob Fatu is still MLW Heavyweight Champion.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 09:17 IST
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