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NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard Results: New World Champions crowned, former WWE stars cause chaos

Soumik Datta
07 Apr 2019, 11:08 IST

#3. Rush vs Dalton Castle

Ring of Honor's first special singles match of the night, as Castle and Rush both, came out to solid pops from the MSG crowd. After refusing to shake each other's hands, Rush caught Castle immediately with a Bull’s Horn basement dropkick into the corner.

Rush pinned Castle and got the shock three-count win. After the match, a frustrated Castle attacked The Boys and left to the back.

Result: Rush defeated Dalton Castle

#4. Mayu Iwatani vs Kelly Klein- (Women of Honor Championship)

Mandy Leon joined the commentary table, as former champion Kelly Klein came out to a special entrance. Iwatani also got a solid reaction from the crowd, as both ladies hesitated in shaking hands. Klein decided to send her entourage to the back, willing to have a clean match.

The match began at a relatively slower pace with Klein working on the champion's legs and tossing her around with sheer power. Iwatani, however, got back into the match as she hit a beautiful plancha to the floor. Back in the ring, the two ladies exchanged solid elbow hits for a bit, as the champion went for a reverse frankensteiner, however, the challenger landed on her back in what looked like a very nasty botch.

The crowd eventually started popping for the match, after a solid bit of back-and-forth, as Klein eventually finished off Iwatani with two K-Drivers to get the win and win the Women of Honor Championship.


After the match, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, much to everyone's shock, invaded the show and taunted the new champion in the ring. Mandy Leon made her way from commentary and the three ladies attacked Klein. The trio then put an anarchy symbol on Klein's forehead with lipstick and formed a new faction called Alurre.

Result: Kelly Klein defeated Mayu Iwatani to win the Women of Honor Championship

#5. Flip Gordon, Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins vs Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Silas Young - (NYC Streetfight)

Juice Robinson was initially set to face Bully Ray in a singles match but was attacked backstage earlier on in the night. Robinson's replacement was non-other than Flip Gordon, however, Young and Taylor made their way out and it was a three-on-one assault on Gordon.

Lifeblood eventually made their way out, as Haskins and the IWGP US Champion, Juice Robinson came to Gordon's rescue and we have a six-man tag match underway. This match quickly turned into a classic ECW-ish match, as all six-man used all sorts of weapons and absolutely battered each other all around the ring.

In the closing stages of the bout, Bully Ray pulled off a classic powerbomb through a table to Gordon and Young did an Anarchist Suplex to Haskins onto a chair. Shane Taylor, meanwhile, executed an insane pop-up Michinoku Driver #2 to Haskins. 

LifeBlood and Gordon eventually set up Bully for the “Whazzaap??” diving headbutt to the and moments Gordon also hit a 450 onto Ray for the win.

Result: Flip Gordon, Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins defeated Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Silas Young

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