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Opinion: Kenny Omega signing with AEW was the right thing to do

392   //    09 Feb 2019, 07:48 IST

Kenny Omega has signed with All Elite Wrestling
Kenny Omega has signed with All Elite Wrestling

Last night at All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing press conference, Kenny Omega appeared and announced that he will be signing with the company, putting an end to speculation (most of which from fans) that the Cleaner would sign with WWE.

It was also announced that Omega will be an Executive Vice President alongside Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. 

This was the right thing to do in my opinion. As amazing as it would have been to see Omega in a WWE ring and having dream matches, there is no guarantee that WWE would have used him correctly.

For every AJ Styles, who has accomplished so much in the small amount of time he has been in WWE, there are also guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, who while he has won a Royal Rumble and multiple United States Championship reigns, has had a disappointing run with the company and has not lived up to the hype that he had when he first signed with WWE.

While most of that has to do with his poor booking, the fact still remains. Omega probably would have been more on the Styles' side of the spectrum, that isn't guaranteed.

In AEW, he will have control over his character and direction, which is something he probably would not have had in WWE.  

 Also, most wrestling fans want instant gratification, so if Omega didn't win the WWE or Universal Championship or at least be in the main event scene right off the bar.

Then fans would complain and say that WWE is missing Omega and that he needs to be pushed more even if he is doing pretty good where he is.

In AEW, fans won't complain as much because there is so much excitement about AEW and there are lots of wrestlers that fans love in the company that there won't be much complaining as you see in WWE and who is pushed and who isn't pushed.  


 At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is Kenny Omega and what makes him happy, not the fans. It also shows that money isn't everything and that WWE can't buy everyone, regardless of what some fan would like to think.

What are your thoughts? Was signing with AEW the right thing to do for Omega? Or should he have signed with WWE and have a fresh start?