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PAC blasts Japan and it's culture after accusations of steroid use

777   //    15 Nov 2018, 11:13 IST

PAC's return to Dragon Gate
PAC's return to Dragon Gate

What’s the story?

Several days ago, the former WWE cruiserweight champion showed off his impressive physique but was then met with criticism from fans immediately assuming that the former Neville was on steroids. PAC responded denying the rumors and ripped on Japan’s culture as well.

In case you didn't know...

Back on November 7th, PAC reemerged on Twitter after being silent from his social media account for over year, which was the time when he walked out on his former employer, WWE.

The former WWE superstar kept an extremely low profile since his absence from the spotlight until he returned home to Dragon Gate back in October.

The former WWE cruiserweight champion hasn’t said much but he recently showed off his jacked physique and PAC was instantly hit with claims of steroid use by fans, a good portion replied to the picture with syringe emojis and gifs of injections.

The heart of the matter

PAC denies any use of steroids, replying with "I am a STEROID FREE SAVAGE! "Fueled (sic) only by HATE AND VENGEANCE."

The Dragon Gate star then ripped on Japan’s culture writing, "CRAP CULTURE. CRAP PEOPLE. CRAP COUNTRY. SEE YA JAPAN !!! I'll be back to tax some gold."


There’s no reasoning on why PAC decided to rip on the Japanese culture at the moment. It’s possible that PAC used the moment to put heat on himself for an upcoming match as Dragon Gate is a Japan-based promotion.

 What’s Next?

It was announced that on December 4th in Korakuen Hall, that PAC will be facing Masato Yoshino for the Open The Dream Gate Championship.

This bout is coming off PAC’s praised match against Flamita at Dragon Gate’s, The Gate of Destiny event, on November 4th. PAC won with the Black Arrow around the 18-minute mark. This was his first singles match since leaving the WWE.