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Preview- G1 Climax 28 Day 6 (July 21st)

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We are one-third of the way through NJPW's yearly tournament and another step closer to finding out who will be main eventing the Tokyo Dome come January 4th 2019. With day 6 being the B-block, and the matches taking place at the legendary Korakuen Hall, this day should be exciting.

Day 2 of the G1 indicated that every match-up will be worth-watching as Ishii, Yano, SANADA and Goto all surprised fans, meanwhile matches such as Ibushi vs Sabre Jr and Omega vs Naito all lived up to the fans expectations.

With the ensuing days, we will be seeing the toll the wrestlers' bodies take over this tournament and whether or not they will be healthy or injured. The G1 Climax is grueling, but let's see the oncoming matches we s fans get to look forward to in the B block.

Match 1- Toru Yano Vs Kota Ibushi

Yano has stuck to his word thus far and has been honorable, even though he has shown signs of going back to his devious ways. Yano had a splendid, albeit surprising match with CHAOS teammate, Tomohiro Ishii and has shown his technical prowess against Sabre Jr in tag team matches, so Yano is an underlying secret.

On the flip side though, you have Kota Ibushi. Known for his stellar matches against Nakamura, Tanahashi and others as a heavyweight, he hasn't achieved anything of value in the division, which is why he is the fan favorite to win. He could face his Golden Lover Kenny Omega for the title at Wrestle Kingdom 13, or he could fail in his journey.

Ibushi is an accomplished wrestler, looking to add the G1 to his growing list of trophies.
Ibushi is an accomplished wrestler, looking to add the G1 to his growing list of trophies.

Whatever happens though, this match should be a hidden gem worth watching, as the two could have fluid chemistry and could see Yano use moves we've never seen before, in a last-ditch effort for victory.

Prediction- Yano. I believe this could be Yano's upset moment in the tournament, as beating Juice Robinson, Kenny Omega or Goto is unlikely, but beating the clear favorite to win sends a message and if Ibushi does win, Yano has an opportunity the briefcase containing the contract for the Wrestle Kingdom Main Event. YTR I believe will win this and cause the upset in the B Block.

Match 2- SANADA Vs Zack Sabre Jr

The second encounter between the two this year, this match could prove to be a true clash of styles, as Sabre Jrs technical prowess, coupled now with his new impact finisher the 'Zack Driver' (Michinoku Driver 2) makes him that much more fierce and the dark horse again in the tournament.

SANADA on the other hand is more athletic and to be feared for his speed and abilities are a marvel to behold. After a tremendous showing against Hirooki Goto on night 2 of the G1 Climax, SANADA is also a dark horse in the tournament, so this is a matchup between the two unexpected members to pick up wins against bigger names in New Japan.

With SANADA being Los Ingobernables and Zack being Suzuki-Gun, this also harkens back to a feud earlier in the year between the two factions. With Zack having beaten both SANADA and Naito in the New Japan Cup, one of them will seek revenge, but who?

Prediction- Sabre Jr. New Japan is looking to keep Sabre looking strong and after a valiant losing effort against Kota Ibushi on night 2 of the G1, Sabre will be looking to get back in the race and gain 2 points. The Technical Wizard should be victorious in this but if not, SANADA may have just proved that he is capable of being a main eventer in the future.

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